What Are The Benefits Of Rapture In Meditation?

For an introduction to rapture, please read the post Why Do I Experience Rapture in Meditation?

As you already know, there are various forms of rapture. Some of them are subtle while others are more energizing. Now, when rapture arises during meditation it energizes and excites the mind. But how does it work?

Rapture Energizes

For example, as rapture starts to rise through the body during meditation, a lot of pleasant mental energy is released. This positive mental energy energizes the body and mind, just like unpleasant mental energy makes us feel unmotivated and emotionally low.

The pleasant sensations of rapture fill you with positive vibrations and excite the mind. The excitement is a natural result of the pleasant sensations. Moreover, rapture is a sign that the meditation is going well. This may add to the excitement.

Positive Effects On Meditation

So, whenever you experience rapture you may enjoy a 5-60 minute boost in motivation, energy and concentration. Sometimes the positive effects of rapture last even longer and seasoned meditators may experience rapture over and over again. While living in a Buddhist monastery in 2004, I once experienced rapture 8 times during a 2.5-hour meditation.

Rapture fills you with mental energy the same way fire fills a hot air balloon with hot air. But how does a boost in concentration fit into the equation?

The mind runs on mental energy. So, when mental energy is running low the mind won't be able to concentrate steadily. Now, rapture boosts mental energy dramatically which in turn improves concentration. Experienced meditators know from first-hand experience that concentration fluctuates a lot over time, especially when tiredness sets in. Rapture is simply a great tool.

Concentration And Physical Discomfort

We normally experience some physical discomfort during meditation. The shoulders, back, hips and legs may get stiff and start to ache after 45 minutes or so of sitting meditation. However, when rapture fills the body with pleasant mental energy, the physical body will literally bathe in positive sensations.

These pleasant bodily sensations soothe the physical discomforts and the mind stops reminding us about the aches and pains. Physical discomfort is no longer a major distraction and as a result concentration is strengthened. So, one could say that rapture helps you transcend distractions.

In the next questions and answers post, we'll take a look at the dangers of rapture.

Best of luck!

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