Basic Relationship Skills

The thought of having a relationship is exciting, isn't it? Falling in love, romantic dinners, passionate sex and perhaps even buying a house on the coast. These are things we want and hope will make us happy.

When you are on your own, you got plenty of time for work and hanging out with friends, without anyone telling you what to do. Some of us feel lonely without a partner by our side while others enjoy the sense of freedom.

As singles we have two options, staying single or finding a partner.

Relationships And Change

Our minds feed on change, so whenever we're single we long for a relationship, and when we are in a relationship we long for freedom and a new partner. Everyday life isn't all that exciting with endless work, piles of laundry and bills to pay.

But let's be sensible whenever you are sick and tired of a situation. It's helpful to realize that your feelings and thoughts change like the wind.

It's perfectly normal to long for change, but at the same time nothing in life is just happiness and good vibes. There are times when it's better to be satisfied with what we have than to be left empty-handed.

The Successful Relationship

It's important to understand the dynamics of being in a relationship. As singles we can pretty much do what we like. If you really wanted to, you could leave all the dirty dishes in the kitchen while going on holiday.

In order for a relationship to work out, you need to be considerate of your partner's needs and meet up somewhere in the middle.

If you are stuck in your own habits and can't change, the relationship probably won't last.

You can't get everything your way like a little kid in the sandbox. You must be willing to compromise. The successful relationship could be compared with diplomacy, while the unsuccessful relationship is more like warfare.

If your partner puts up with listening to you when you are talking away for hours about fishing and sports, it's only fair that you listen to her. Many a time, we are more interested in what our friends have to say than our partners.

Whatever is really important to your partner must become important to you too. It's about cultivating a mutual friendship.

Caring Attention

Try your very best to give attention and really listen to what your lover has to say. Make that extra effort. Listening and giving attention are basic skills but ever so important. By listening you give your partner importance, the opposite would be ignoring him. Caring attention is very soothing.

Let's say your partner comes up to you and says she wants to talk about the relationship. Be open to talk it over right away, even if you were planning to watch sports on tv.

By giving your partner the attention she deserves, you make her feel better and grow closer together. Make the extra effort and look at it as an investment in your relationship.

A successful relationship is the fruit of caring attention, but don't be hard on yourself when falling short of your standards. Practice makes perfect...

Best of luck!

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