Powerful Mudras For Meditation

One could put together a whole book on mudras and go into a deep philosophical discussion about symbolism. Here, I'll limit myself to my personal experiences of the use of mudras in meditation. But first let's take a look at a typical mudra.

Mudras are hand gestures that have their roots in Hinduism. Have you ever seen a Buddha image sitting cross-legged, the hands resting one over the other with the thumbs joined?

But why use mudras in meditation? Let me share my first-hand experiences with you. When the mind becomes really still, for example after a week of intensive meditation practice. We tend to open up to subtle sense impressions that normally would pass by unnoticed. One could say that intensive meditation increases awareness of mental energy.

Meditation And Mental Energy

Now, let's start by taking a look at the use of mudras in daily meditation practice. When I meditate, I'm always aware of subtle mental energies. Meditation generates mental energy which can be felt as a presence round the chest and abdomen.

By putting the palms and fingers together in what I call the Virgin Mary mudra, I immediately feel an increase in mental energy. Mudras boost mental energy.

Mental energy is very important in meditation and directly effects awareness, concentration and the physical body. The more energy available, the easier it is to meditate.

Now, the mudra that in my experience generates the most energy is the Virgin Mary mudra - palms and fingers joined, resting against the chest.

The fact that the hands are held up high, increases mental energy. So, the trick is to keep the mudra by the chest as opposed to by the lower abdomen. I've also experimented with keeping this mudra above the head, which boosts mental energy even more.

Remember, that keeping your hands together generates more mental energy than leaving them apart. It's ok to rest the mudra on your lap whenever the arms get tired.

Subtle Mental Energy

As I mentioned earlier, during intensive meditation practice we tend to open up to subtle sense impressions that normally pass by unnoticed. In my experience, putting the soles of the feet together boost mental energy flowing from what's called the root chakra, an energy center located by the genitals.

Another one, is letting the tips of any pair of fingers join which boosts energy from certain chakras. I don't find the last two examples conducive to meditation, but I mention it here to shed light on the effects hands and feet can have on mental energy.

Personally, I stick to the straightforward Virgin Mary mudra whenever I want a boost in mental energy.

Best of luck!

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