Neediness In Relationships

What does it mean to be needy and how do you overcome it? In this post we'll take a look at how neediness affects relationships.

As you already know, feeling needy is a state of craving affection. Have you ever longed for a relationship while feeling lonely or depressed?

Most of us seem to believe that loving attention from the right partner, heals emotional wounds and make us whole again...

It's draining to have a needy lover that clutches on to you like a child, and gets moody whenever she doesn't get enough attention. A needy person is emotionally unstable and clings to her feelings and thoughts. When her needs are not met, she overreacts or withdraws.

Common causes of neediness include anguish, depression or fear of loosing your partner.

Some lovers enjoy looking their partner in the eyes, for extended periods of time. In an attempt to satisfy their craving for affection. The caring attention acts like a drug, a relief from the emotional pain.

Overcoming Neediness

It's exhausting when someone always craves your affection. So, do your best to offer your partner freedom and space. It's vital to be apart at times, regardless whether it's for three months or just an hour here and there.

"Stand together, yet not too near together"    Kahlil Gibran

Moreover, it's important that both of you have friends. Spending time apart, is as refreshing as a violent thunderstorm.

But a needy person who always craves attention, would say, "To me, that's not real love. I want to be with my lover all the time!"

Now, here's my very best advice to you. Heal your mental and emotional wounds before getting involved in any relationship. Someone who can't cope with himself, isn't fit for a relationship - it would only make things worse.

Talk therapy is an effective way to resolve mental and emotional issues. You may find the article Emotional Healing helpful.

Finally, if you feel needy and crave affection from your lover, talk to him. That will make things a lot easier.

Best of luck!

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