Cheating In Relationships

Are you in a relationship? Regardless whether you are or not, cheating is a really nasty business that only results in unhappiness.

Let's examine the reality of cheating in sexual relationships.

Why Do We Cheat?

As human beings we're naturally attracted to each other. For some, sexual desire is really strong and consequently hard to control. That's obviously not a valid excuse for cheating on your partner though. Anyhow, sexual desire is one of the key triggers when it comes to cheating.

I agree, the thought of having passionate sex with someone you're really attracted to, is exciting. Sexual desire feeds on these kind of fantasies.

Another important variable when it comes to cheating, is how serious or involved you are with your partner. If you're in a short-term relationship, you may reason that it's not a big deal to get caught. While the stakes look quite different when you're married with kids.

Boredom is a great challenge for most of us. Perhaps you find the monotony of having sex with the same lover year after year, dissatisfying. It's also possible that you and your partner rarely are intimate at all.

Many people tend to think that unhappiness and depression are best dealt with by finding a new partner. This ignorant mindset operates both in people that are in relationships and single. Let me spell it out clearly, lasting happiness arises from deep within and has little to do with external stimuli.

Finally, dysfunctional relationships can drag anyone down, over time. That's another reason some seek excitement in secret love affairs.

Being Cheated On

It hurts deeply to learn that your partner is having a fling with someone else. That also has a direct effect on your life situation. You may think, "How could she do this to me? I trusted her."

At the same time it's natural to get angry, even revengeful. Whatever you do, try your very best to accept that it already has happened. It's a process, so give yourself plenty of time and space to take it in.

Some individuals that get cheated on feel unattractive and lose self-esteem. I would like to remind you that your true worth is not the least affected by someone else's wrongdoings. Besides, it's honorable to be loyal and not cheat. That makes you a beautiful person.

The Consequences Of Cheating

No wonder relationships end or go sour as a result of this kind of side tracking. Anyway, how can you trust a partner that has cheated on you? I wouldn't. Trust is one of those things in life that have to be earned, money and empty promises can't buy it.

And what about joy. How can you be happy with a partner that has really hurt your feelings? In my inner world, the affair would hover as a thought form above my partner's head, for years. That would quite naturally overshadow any spontaneity and joy.

At any rate, if the two of you decide to patch up the pieces and give the relationship a second chance, keep in mind that whenever there are difficulties, the betrayed partner may bring up the cheating. That is likely to happen every now and again, which makes it harder to move on.

If you were to ask me, there are only two viable approaches. Either you forgive your partner wholeheartedly and leave it all behind, or end the relationship. That way it's more likely both of you will be happy.

How To Prevent Cheating

It's of utmost importance to be honest and loyal to your partner. What is more, always strive to do what is good and right. Cheating is the strict opposite and is doomed to shatter the trust you have cultivated. As you already know, without trust it's virtually impossible to relax and enjoy each other's company.

I suggest you give your relationship a high priority. Look at it like an investment. By spending quality time together, nurturing each other and talking sensibly about any issues that arise, the two of you are bound to get the most out of your relationship.

Best of luck!

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