Sex In Long-Term Relationships

This post is for you who are in a long-term relationship and is dissatisfied with your sex life. Once you get used to having sex with your partner, it's likely it becomes less exciting or even mechanical. Then, what do you do?

Since axel g is a personal development site, I won't suggest what sex toys, movies or positions to try. Instead, I will take you by the hand and share some helpful pointers with you.

Regardless whether you truly love and care for your partner or not, most of us crave sexual excitement. If your relationship doesn't offer that, many people start to daydream about having a sexual affair.

I can understand why someone would go down that road, but personally I don't find it morally acceptable. Just imagine how much it would hurt your partner to find out about it. Are you willing to inflict that kind of pain on your lover, in exchange for a few orgasms?

Not to mention all the guilt you would have to live with...

How To Improve Your Sex Life

There are plenty of ways to revive your relationship and sex life. The pointers offered here have a direct connection to personal development. Common obstacles to overcome include a lack of trust, insecurity and shame.

Keep in mind, that sex that is on your terms is both beautiful, natural and healthy.

Here are three questions for you:

- What turns you on?

- What would you like to try with your partner?

- What are your most secret sexual fantasies?

Once you have listed your fantasies, ask yourself how thinking about them make you feel? Living out your fantasies with your partner will arouse a lot of sexual excitement, which is what you're longing for.

Please note that it's very important to respect your partner's preferences and limits. Never push her to do anything she doesn't want or is uncomfortable with. In order to enjoy sex, both of you must feel at ease.

As long as you trust your partner, it's fine to share your sexual fantasies with her. Then, encourage her to do the same without any pressure whatsoever. Give her ample time and space even if that means waiting patiently for weeks.

Tell her the truth, that you really care about the relationship but find the sexual routine unsatisfying, and that it would be rewarding for both of you to spark it up a bit. It's likely she will agree with you and wants to try it out.

Either bring it up when you're together or write her a message. What matters the most, is that you're honest with yourself and your partner.

Best of luck!

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