Suicidal Depression

Let me tell you a personal story and then I will share my very best advice with you.

The emotional pain had been there for years and I just could not take another day of it. Every morning, I would wake up feeling deeply depressed and this emotional torture would stay with me all day long.

Drinking alcohol did not soothe the pain anymore. The unpleasant emotions would shine through and make it even worse. What is more, I was not up to taking drugs, that just isn't me. The only escapes I had left were sex and sleep.

Committing Suicide

I was 22 and sat on the floor in a hotel room at a seaside resort, in Thailand. I was sharpening a kitchen knife I had bought in Bangkok earlier that day. Tonight, I was going to do it, swim out from the beach and cut my throat, nothing could stop me, nothing.

My body felt vibrantly alive and my mind was buzzing, as if it were operating on a higher frequency. It was so liberating to finally have made the decision. I scratched the knife against a finger nail and thought to myself, "That will do the job."

I had learned meditation about six months earlier and something told me to meditate for a while before putting my plan into action. I sat up on the bed and meditated for about 10-15 minutes. My mind became very calm and the urge to go ahead with the plan was all gone.

At the same time, I thought that my family back home deserved better. Why should they have to collect my body at the airport in a black body bag? My emotions were still, but the fact that the strong desire to end my life was completely gone, frustrated me. These thoughts followed, "I don't have to do it now. If I change my mind, I can do it another day."

Emotional Pain

Why do we commit suicide? What are we escaping from? Where is the logic of ending one's life?

The reality of intense emotional suffering must be experienced. It is not possible to know what it is like to be suicidal without having been there, however, if you could experience it even for just a few moments, you would probably touch upon emotional pain like you have never known before. These extremely unpleasant emotions wear you down over time and trigger suicide.

Talk Therapy

I was depressed for more than fifteen years and the suicidal depression lasted for about three. So, how did I overcome my depression?

I was in five or six talk therapy sessions towards the end of my suicidal years. The therapist really listened while I spoke about my situation. It was such a relief to ventilate my feelings and thoughts. The talk therapy eased the emotional pain in a short period of time. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone.

Then, I spent years meditating on my unpleasant emotions. Step by step, I was able to accept the negative emotions without holding on to them and finally the depression subsided.

I had been depressed for eight years by the time I started in therapy, and this was the first time I had done anything about it. There was a lot of shame in it for me, I had this idea that people would look down on me if I was in therapy. Do not reason like I did, it will not do you any good. You deserve therapy and it will make you feel much better.

Never Give Up!

It really saddens me to hear about anyone who has committed suicide, since I know there is a way out of the hopelessness and pain. Whatever you do, never give up!

If you have lost a friend or someone close to you, all I can offer you is my understanding. There is really nothing more to say...

My wish is, that this post will reach out to people in need of hope and support. That very wish is what inspired me to share my story.

Best of luck!

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