Reiki And Depression

I remember living In London in 1999. I was deeply depressed at the time and wanted to end the emotional pain more than anything else. A really talented healer named Hugh offered reiki healing in Covent Garden so I went for healing sessions about twice a month.

I started my reiki training before meeting Hugh for the first time, so my understanding of emotional healing was already quite good.

Let me share with you how reiki can heal negative emotions.

Working With Negative Emotions

For one, healing negative emotions such as depression takes time so don't expect results overnight. Having said that, it's possible to heal even the most deeply rooted depression but we must have realistic expectations on what the reiki energy can do for us and what we have to do ourselves.

Now, give some attention to your negative emotions. Normally, we do anything we possibly can to avoid our negative emotions but let's give them gentle and caring attention. Sit down comfortably and become aware of your unpleasant feelings. By giving the emotions attention, they'll gradually fade away.

At first, it can be quite unpleasant to meet these negative emotions face to face but you'll get used to it over time. This form of practice has another positive effect, namely training us to accept negative emotions.

A difficulty arises when we can't feel the depressive emotions clearly anymore. We may still feel depressed but the emotions have taken on a subtler and less tangible form.

This is where reiki comes into the picture. Reiki energy activates these slumbering emotions which makes it easier to work with them.

Another benefit of reiki is that it helps cleanse your emotional system which is most refreshing.

The Present Moment

So, when I lived in England I would spend hours and hours giving caring attention to my negative emotions which is a form of meditation and about twice a month I would go on supportive reiki treatments.

To give attention to your emotions puts you in the present moment and the present moment is the real healer here.

Remember that it's difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel whenever you feel depressed, but I can assure you that even the deepest depression can be healed. Essentially you have to heal yourself, but reiki can help make your journey smoother...

Best of luck!

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