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Welcome to axel g — your personal development site with a focus on meditation and spirituality.

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axel g Newsletter has over 500 responsive subscribers and offers great value for money. The top 5 countries are US, India, Canada, UK and Australia.

The newsletter is plain text and mailed out weekly. Advertisers can book a 50-word ad which is placed immediately below the newsletter headline, including a link to your landing page. Each newsletter is limited to 1 ad.

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What Do The Advertisers Say?

"Advertising on axel g's website was fun and easy to do. The personal interaction made for a very worthwhile business transaction. There is much love sent to all who advertise on his site. Ask and you shall receive all the abundance you desire. Namaste my friends."

Shawngela Pierce at Seek Within You

"I have developed a working relationship with Axel which enables me to say that he is an honest and very caring man. If he says he will do something for you, you can be sure he will. If you are considering advertising with him do not hesitate to give it a try - you will not be disappointed. He has never disappointed me."

Greg Coates

"I have been very touched by Axel's selfless and generous offerings of support - for a price much lower than many other sites. His warmth and helpfulness have been a delight, and it is a pleasure to recommend his services to others. Thanks Axel!"

Peter Fernando at A Month of Mindfulness

"Axel is one of those rare people who gives more than he receives. During my initial conversation with him, we spent an hour talking about how I can improve my website to get the best results from my campaign. His advice is great."

Paul Gerhards, author of Mapping The Dharma

Newsletter Campaigns

The advertising packages range from 50-300 campaign unique visitors. Please email me for up-to-date rates: Email axel g

It generally takes between 7-21 days to deliver all the clicks, depending on how much traffic you purchase.

Once a newsletter has been mailed out, there are strictly no refunds. The only exception is if you don't receive all the campaign unique visitors you have paid for, in that case the balance is automatically refunded.

The statistics are powered by MailChimp and ClickMeter.

I really enjoy helping you get the most out of your newsletter campaigns!

You should always expect personal and friendly service.

All the very best


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