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Hello, my name is Axel. I am a Swedish national living in Thailand. Southeast Asia is one of my favorite places in the world because of the warm climate and the friendly people.

I have worked in many a job, but now I am a full-time spiritual seeker.

It is most rewarding to write articles, manage the site and keep in touch with my readers. Feel free to email me any time to ask questions or just to say hi.

Personal development, meditation and spirituality keep filling my life with happiness and meaning.

Since my first meditation retreat in the northwest of Thailand in 1993, I have ordained twice as a junior Buddhist monk and lived at a dozen monasteries. Most of my meditation practice has been logged in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, UK and Sweden.

In 2016, my main practice swung from intensive group retreats, to a solo practice at home. Now, each day revolves around four meditation sessions.

No matter how unsatisfying or depressing your life may be, there is a way out of it — that is my personal experience.

Welcome to axel g!

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