How To Be Open-Minded

Do you prefer to be around open-minded or narrow-minded people? What is more uplifting? The truth is that you can learn a lot from narrow-minded people, especially if you're able to observe them, as opposed to believing in everything they say.

In this post we'll explore the ins and outs of open and narrow-mindedness. Like the title suggests, I will also point out how you can become more open-minded. But first, let's take a look at what narrow-mindedness is in order to better understand open-mindedness.

The Narrow-Minded Mindset

Globetrotters usually experience a lot during their adventures and quite naturally become open-minded, but don't expect all seasoned travelers to be broad-minded. They may still have fault-finding tendencies and be unable to accept conditions as they are.

I've met experienced travelers that were really narrow-minded. They criticized and dismissed everything that was out of sync with their preferences. Mind you, narrow-minded people often think they are open-minded.

How about the old traveler I met at a guest house in Southeast Asia who refused to say good morning after 9 o'clock. His preference was to go to bed early and wake up before sun rise.

He couldn't stand fellow travelers who slept in. So, when I said good morning at 10 o'clock, he would reply, "Almost good afternoon," with a disapproving look on his face.

A narrow-minded person has set preferences and is stuck in old habits. If she likes golf, then golf is good. If she likes to wake up early in the morning, then waking up early is good too. That's the world view on an egoist; everything I say, do or think is good and right - whatever others say, do or think is bad and wrong.

Let's make it very clear. Just like it's easier to hate than to love, you're more likely to be narrow-minded than open-minded. Fear of anything that is foreign or new, old habits and a lack of understanding of other people make for narrow-mindedness.

A classic narrow-minded take on life is we versus them. We are right and you are wrong. I'm Christian and you're muslim, I'm American and you're Mexican, I'm right wing and you're not even interested in politics. And it goes on and on...

To a narrow-minded person everything is either black or white, there are rarely any shades of gray in between. It's so easy to dismiss other people's opinions and ways; and to make fun of them. In short, a narrow-minded person lacks wisdom.

Let's not forget that smaller communities are more likely to foster narrow-mindedness, because of the lack of diversity.

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How To Nurture Open-Mindedness

The key to open-mindedness is to develop an understanding of other people, to be curious about life and willing to try new things. There is no need to leave your community to become more open-minded, however, traveling is a powerful tool since it exposes you to a myriad of new impressions.

Keep in mind that difficult life experiences also can make you more open-minded.

Here is a list of pointers that can help you become more open-minded. Start out with the ones you find most inspiring:

- Travel (preferably alone since you meet more people)

- Work or study abroad

- Try new holiday destinations (break old habits)

- Explore life (try new foods, hobbies, sports, learn foreign languages)

- Let go of prejudism (don't habitually pass judgement)

- Spend time with people from outside your social class (learn from them)

- Read a different book, newspaper or website (break old habits)

- Instead of judging people, try to understand where they are coming from

- Realize that everyone has personal preferences

- Learn from life, nature, young and old people

- Opt to break routines, habits and thinking patterns

- Become more aware of your body, mind and the world around you

- Try new ways to live your life

This article started with a question. I asked if you prefer to be around open-minded or narrow-minded people. Now, let me answer the question:

There is something beautiful and liberating about open-mindedness, that allows us to be who we truly are - value that freedom...

Best of luck!

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