Resisting Change

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We're of the nature to die, so what's the point of resisting death? Resisting life is also a complete waste of time that only leads to unhappiness. Instead, try to accept every moment as it is and learn to flow with life, which makes for comfort and ease...

To resist change is innate in the human psyche. Any mental or emotional reaction to change is ultimately an expression of fear.

Let me give you two rather different examples:

Fear Of Change

When I was at flight school in 1990, my instructor told me that recent research had shown that it was easier for pilots to read the airspeed if the airspeed indicator used color segments as opposed to numbers.

When I heard that, I resisted immediately. I never said anything but I was taken over by frustration.

I didn't want anything to do with color-segmented airspeed indicators because I was already used to numbers! Even if color segmentation proved to be superior, I still didn't want anything to do with it.

How silly, all in the name of laziness and fear.

Blinded By Resistance

In 2010 I met a retired American while on holiday in Malaysia. We were staying at an old guest house in Penang. After a few days the conversation touched on the recent financial crisis.

To my surprise, he told me he had lost most of his retirement in the wake of the storm. I also learned that he had planned the trip to Asia for years but as a result of the new situation, his travel budget had been completely squashed.

In the end he realized he had to reduce his daily spending, so he decided to stay in cheap guest houses instead of hotels.

I recall he was unusually well dressed and didn't look anything like a backpacker. Anyhow, in conclusion he told me his situation was more than a personal tragedy.

The former accountant was resisting the situation with all his might, there was not a trace of acceptance in his face. Of course it wasn't a personal tragedy. He was still eating well, solving sudoku puzzles and drinking cold beer. Not by a swimming pool, but he wasn't lonely in the guest house either.

Since he came across as somewhat tense I chose not to say anything. But from my way of looking at things, his life had only just begun. He was resisting the changes to the extent where he had become completely blinded to all his new experiences. I hope he'll come to see that one day...

Don't fear change.

Best of luck!

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