Consumed By Collective Fear

I walked into the bank the other day. All I wanted to do was to transfer some money from one account to another.

While waiting for my turn the manageress came up to me smiling and started to small talk. I found it odd, because she would normally have this superior attitude towards customers and staff alike.

At any rate, as soon as a teller was free the manageress showed me to the counter. She kept small talking while the clerk transferred the funds and after some time she put a document in front of me.

Then, the banker explained that I could make a 10-year investment and get some interest and free life insurance in return. A few minutes later the manageress asked me if I was interested. I said, "No thank you." Then she uttered, "But why?"

End of story.

Good-Old Fear

Fear is inherent in the human psyche. In the old days people feared wild animals, ghosts, disease and death. Has it changed all that much over the years or are we still trapped in the endless cycle of wanting protection from our fears?

These days youngsters start saving for their retirement while still in high school. Sure, one can argue that it's wise, a good investment and a responsible thing to do - but hey, what are you afraid of?

In short, one could say that parents instill their fears onto their kids. The fear of parents result in teenagers putting their savings in retirement funds as opposed to seeing the world and enjoying life.

One thing is for sure, everything that blooms will wither away. The same holds true for human life. Everyone that is born will die, that is the law of nature. The truth is that we are scared of death and we would rather not talk about it.

Instead, we do everything we can to suppress our fears. The nature of life is uncertainty and ongoing change but we can't accept that, the same way we can't accept death. These are the seeds of collective fear where everyone ultimately wants protection from life itself.

The banks and insurance companies thrive on collective fear. The advertisements simply ask, "Will you have enough money when you retire?"

Since your colleagues and friends already bathe in their fears, you also get drawn into it.

Holding onto fear is like holding onto sorrow and pain. By clutching onto it, you will never be free. Never!

Certainty cannot be bought.

What good is life insurance when there is still plenty of uncertainty in your life?

There is nothing wrong with life insurance and planning your retirement as long as it isn't fear that makes you take action.

How is that? Well, there is a clear difference in mindset between a person who acts out of fear and one that doesn't. Don't let fear limit you.

Let's recognize that life is full of uncertainty. However, life starts to flow the moment you accept that fear is an inevitable part of it.

Set yourself free!

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