Facing Difficulties In Life

Some people go through life without facing much illness or unhappiness at all, while others suffer to the bone. Here we'll examine the pros and cons of experiencing difficulties in life. You will also learn practical techniques to deal with such challenges.

As you already know, there are different ways of looking at life. For one, we could take a worldly perspective which is selfish or shallow at best, or we could transcend all worldly concerns and consider the difficulties from a spiritual viewpoint.

It goes without saying, the spiritual approach to life is much more accepting, forgiving and permeated by wisdom. At any rate, this article will look into both the worldly and spiritual standpoints.

Types Of Difficulties

There are basically two types of difficulties you can experience, that is physical and mental. For example a young girl that breaks a leg or an old man who is lonely.

Then, we can add a myriad of variations to both the physical and mental conditions. Speaking of the physical, it could be tooth aches, itchiness, food poisoning, malaria or cancer. While common mental conditions include anger, mourning, depression, anguish or fear.

Keep in mind that the young girl who broke her leg is likely to think about the injury in a negative light, which is bound to result in mental suffering. Perhaps she pities herself, "Why did it happen to me? Now I can't go to Ann's party."

This kind of thinking adds a layer of mental suffering on top of the physical pain, caused by the leg injury. Can you see how we create our own unhappiness?

I refer to this as unskillful mental activity. The post will be wrapped up by looking at skillful ways of dealing with challenges in life.

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Why Difficulties Are Despised

When you break a leg it obviously has a number of negative consequences. You will be in pain, it's uncomfortable to sleep with the cast and you will not be as mobile as you're used to. In short, it's a big burden.

On top of that, you're likely to worry about whether or not you will ever fully recover. Perhaps your leg won't be perfectly straight or you will be marked for life with a slight limp.

Physical impairments usually lead to both physical and mental suffering. Therefore, it's true to say that difficulties generally make for unhappiness.

The Spiritual Perspective

Hello! Hello! Wake up to reality!

Facing great difficulties is like a wake up call to life. Why waste your time shopping around for Botox treatments and plastic surgery, when you can spend your days doing something that is more meaningful.

Whoever faces difficulties has a choice. Either you accept the negative changes wholeheartedly, this is a process that may take some time, or you resist life and pity yourself which makes the situation even more unbearable.

If you have overcome long-term depression, you're in a position to support others who are still suffering. From a spiritual perspective, difficulties are viewed as opportunities, while worldly people usually look at them as obstacles.

How To Best Face Difficulties

Let's say you break your right foot in ten places. Such complex fractures often times lead to reduced functionality. May it be stiffness, limping or sensations of coldness.

The skillful approach is to wholeheartedly accept what has happened, since we cannot change what already is. Resisting only results in unhappiness. So, learn to flow with life...

If you need support along the way, you can meet up with individuals in similar situations or attend talk therapy. Both are worthwhile investments in your wellbeing.

It's fine not to be like everyone else, that's perfectly okay. Since my teens, I've battled with neck and knee injuries; what is more, I was depressed for over 15 years. My direction in life has changed significantly because of it, and for that I'm most grateful.

Allow the difficulties you face to guide you through life...

Best of luck!

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