Living With Physical Pain

Learn to accept physical pain for your own happiness and wellbeing.

This article offers a refreshing approach that can be applied to most situations. But let me first tell you a personal story, then I'll guide you through a few steps that make it easier to accept physical pain.

I was sixteen and had only had my motorcycle for a few months when I on my way home from school one Friday afternoon, was in an accident. The right knee cap cracked and another three years down the road I was in a car crash that resulted in a whiplash injury.

These events changed my life like nothing else. First off, I had to deal with the confusion and frustration of not knowing if I ever would be able to walk on my own two legs again, that alone made the future look pretty gloomy. There was also a lot of physical pain to cope with, crushed dreams and why-did-it-happen-to-me kind of thinking.

Accepting Negative Changes

Over 20 years have passed since the motorcycle accident, so let me share my perspective with you. It takes time to overcome and accept negative changes in life. But don't fool yourself, that doesn't mean it has to take 5 years to get over it.

I was the clinging type, the kind of person who finds it extremely difficult to accept things the way they are. I would resist mentally and emotionally, believe me, this alone caused me a lot of unhappiness.

The first thing I recommend you to do is to accept your situation as it is. It's really painful to accept negative changes, but stand up strong and do it for your own happiness and wellbeing. You're the one who will benefit from it. Read the article Emotional Healing for inspiration and support.

Support Groups

One thing that really helps is meeting others in similar situations. It's invaluable to keep in touch with individuals who can meet you with understanding.

You can share experiences which is a wonderful form of support. If there aren't any groups or organizations in your area why not join an online support group. If you can't find one, email me and I'll give you a hand.

We can't expect the average person to understand what it's like to live with physical impairments, constant pain and hopelessness, that would be asking for too much. With a positive and down-to-earth outlook, you will be just fine.

Shame Labels

Almost all mental problems are taboos, aren't they? To the very best of my understanding western culture puts shame labels on most mental disorders, even on something as ordinary as anguish and depression.

As a teenager, I sometimes felt ashamed of my limping by perceiving it as a weakness. Let's wake up to reality, don't be ashamed of yourself or your impairments. Instead, be proud of what you can do.

Give attention even to the slightest progress you make along the way and let people around you know about it. Don't push yourself down, lift yourself up!

Flow With Life

Facing difficulties and challenges can be tough and unpleasant encounters but since you're already in it, the best thing is to accept it. There is no point in fighting yourself, so stop resisting life and start to flow with it.

By accepting things the way they are we can rest at ease, by resisting, we create our own unhappiness.

Besides, challenges make us stronger and with the right attitude you'll be just fine.

Live Your Dream

And who said anything about giving up your dreams just because you're not like everyone else? Wake up to your true potential. At twenty one I had realized my highest dream and worked as an offshore-helicopter pilot round the Pacific.

Yes, I limped and the neck was sore, but I did it and so can you!

Read the article 100% Success for inspiration and support.

Best of luck!

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