Learning To Let Go

Free yourself from obsessive feelings and thoughts by learning to let go. This article offers a refreshing approach that can be applied to almost any situation.

Let's take a look at a clear example of what we mean by letting go, then I'll guide you through a few easy steps so you can enjoy the benefits of letting go yourself.

The Unexpected

Imagine you're going to visit an old friend, someone you haven't seen in years. You're really excited about it as you board the train, but when the conductor comes round you can't find the ticket!

The adrenaline kicks in and you break out in a sweat. You quickly go through the bag and all your pockets, only to realize you've lost it. In the end you have to buy a new one from the conductor...

The good vibes immediately transform into disappointment and anger, "Why's this happening to me? I'm never taking this train again!"

The unexpected can trigger strong emotions. Accepting things the way they are make for comfort and ease, by resisting, we create our own unhappiness.

I'm sure you can relate to the above example, it's part of life.

Now, stop for a moment and try to recall how you normally react when things go wrong? What feelings and thoughts come up to the surface?

By learning to let go we can free ourselves from these unpleasant feelings and thoughts.

The Power Of Awareness

The key to letting go is awareness. By becoming aware of our feelings and thoughts we are presented with choices, either we hold on to them or let go. That's an easy choice, isn't it?

However, normally we are not aware of these feelings and thoughts and tend to hold on to them blindly.

Meditation is a great way to become more aware of the present moment. It also dissolves physical and mental tension, leaving you feeling refreshed. I find guided meditation most helpful. No previous experience needed, practice makes perfect...

Best of luck!

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