Admitting Shortcomings And Mistakes

I grew up in Sweden where most people develop a strong sense of self from an early age. As you already know, western culture fosters the ideal of a self-confident and capable individual, which makes it so much harder for us to admit shortcomings and mistakes.

But why would you ever want to reveal your weaknesses?

Personally, I enjoy the company of honest and down to earth people. If you can't swim, admit it. If you are a virgin, no problem. If you lost your job because you are lazy, that's ok too.

There is no need to pretend you are better than you are, because you are already good enough. Most of us try to live up to the ideals of being really smart and independent.

Anyhow, who wants to hang around fools that lie and pretend they are something they are not?

Letting Go Of Pride

It's ok to have a bad memory, it's ok to be a bit overweight, it's even ok that you don't have an answer to every question.

But you want to be good at everything you do. You want a good memory, the perfect body and to know as much as you possibly can.

You crave recognition, you want others to respect you and look up to you. "If I can't be special, at least let me be normal." The last thing you want is that someone looks down on you, which could break your self-image.

Stop playing games with yourself and the people around you. Let them know who you truly are...

Status and pride are selfish ideals. In personal development, we endeavor to develop beautiful qualities such as honesty, selflessness and awareness.

How To Admit Shortcomings And Mistakes

Here are a few pointers that will help you along the way:

- Whenever you accidentally break something at home, at work or anywhere else, admit that it was you who broke it. Don't wait until someone asks you about it.

- If you make a mistake, admit it. Be honest and tell them exactly what happened. Don't pretend you haven't done anything wrong. It's perfectly ok to make mistakes.

- Let's say you have a phobia. Don't push yourself just to prove to others that you are normal, it's not worth it. You are good enough as you are. No illness or disability can ever take that away from you. Instead, seek professional help and do your best to accept that you have a problem. Embrace your phobia.

Then, tell your family, friends and colleagues about your condition. There is no need to rush, give yourself as much time as you need. It's a relief to be honest and open about your life situation. Lying and pretending only lead to unhappiness.

- It's pleasant to be around honest people, it's equally beautiful when they accept you as you are. Strive to do what is good and right in life. In other words, be a good person.

Best of luck!

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