How To Be Sympathetic

Have you ever walked into a restaurant or shop and sensed that the staff was really unsympathetic? How do you react to that? With anger, surprise or both? How about having unsympathetic colleagues, what's that like?

In this post we'll look into the beautiful quality of sympathy. You'll learn how to relate to others in sympathetic ways, as well as how to stop acting unsympathetically.

Picture a receptionist that has worked at a run-down hotel for over 20 years. The owner treats him badly and most guests complain about the broken toilets and cockroaches. To say the least, the hotel is a depressing place.

Whenever the receptionist meets the boss or guests, he habitually greets them with a frown. He is literally bathing in negativity. That is, unpleasant feelings and thoughts.

Having worked at the same establishment for many years can make for a bad attitude, "I'm the most senior staff. Respect me and get out of my way!"

What is more, we are reactive beings. When someone greets you with a frown, you automatically have a negative reaction; your thoughts are colored by anger which in turn leads to feelings of aversion.

If the receptionist had a good attitude, he wouldn't perceive others as stupid. But the very problem is that he is stuck in a negative mental state. It goes without saying, anyone who has to deal with someone like him, is in for an unpleasant experience.

What Is Sympathy?

A sympathetic person has a positive attitude. Moreover, she is patient, helpful and kind. Whenever she meets people she is respectful, has good intentions and gives them warm attention. These are sought after qualities that everyone appreciates.

Regardless how long she has worked someplace, she doesn't act superior or take on a bad attitude. In short, sympathy makes for a warm and caring environment. It's true to say, the more sympathy you spread around you, the more others enjoy your presence.

Whenever you come across someone who is truly sympathetic, let it inspire you to work on yourself...

How Can I Be More Sympathetic?

Let's first recognize that everyone has the ability to change their behavior. However, since it's taken years to steep your character into what it is today, it will take persistent effort to bring about lasting change.

It's vital to understand that your behavior is directly affected by your feelings and thoughts. Therefore, it's of great value to pay more attention to them. For example, if you encounter someone you dislike, it's beneficial to be aware of your negative mental state as opposed to reacting blindly.

The rest comes down to your attitude. Make that extra effort to be patient, helpful and kind. Also be respectful, have good intentions and give people warm attention.

In Buddhist philosophy they speak of sympathetic joy, which is to rejoice in others' happiness and good fortune. Isn't that a wonderful state of mind?

Best of luck!

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