Learning To Trust

Imagine meeting a rough criminal late at night in a dark corner of town. He is only asking for a light, but that's all it takes to send electrifying shivers down your spine.

It's the look on his face, the tone of voice and the total lack of manners that make him so unpleasant; a sensible person wouldn't even trust this guy in broad daylight.

When we talk about trust in ourselves and in life itself, it's helpful to look at it on two levels. Needless to say, it's common sense to step back and become defensive whenever we sense danger. That's a healthy and natural defense mechanism which is vital for survival.

Individuals who still have a long way to go when it comes to trusting themselves, not to mention life itself, often claim that it's dangerous to trust anything or anyone. This argument is chiefly triggered by fear and is only valid when we are exposed to immediate danger, but how often is that the case?

This article will focus on trust in situations where danger isn't an immediate factor.

Meeting People With Trust

Do you know anyone who simply cannot trust people? When you can't even trust your family and friends, you got a serious problem. This kind of disposition or personality if you like, makes for a lot of unhappiness.

How do you react to people that don't seem to trust you? Can you pick up on it and if so, are you aware of your own reactions?

When we are afraid of ourselves, we can't meet ourselves with trust; when we are afraid of others, we can't meet others with trust and when we are afraid of life, there is nothing left to trust.

These are painful conditions where the individual bathes in low self-esteem, worries and fear. There are various degrees of distrust and all of them lead to unhappiness.

Let's meet life and people with trust! If this is a big issue for you, I whole heartedly recommend you try talk therapy where you get the opportunity to express how you think and feel.

Sharing your feelings and thoughts with someone who really listens is a wonderful relief and in combination with helpful advice, talk therapy can lead to positive results in a relatively short period of time.

Meeting life with trust doesn't mean trusting thugs and people who make you feel uncomfortable, never do go down that road. But make serious effort to open up to healthy human interaction and life itself. By resisting and holding on to our fears, we create our own unhappiness.

Opening up is a process, so give yourself ample time.

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The Negative Effects Of Distrust

So, what is it like to talk to someone who doesn't meet you with trust. Well, that depends on how deeply rooted the distrust is.

Personally, I meet people with trust and I quickly notice when someone distrusts me. The behavior of an individual who distrusts, makes me feel like I'm a bad person and I usually think, "What's his problem, why doesn't he trust me?" Thoughts like that tend to give rise to irritation and anger. Take a moment to think about it...

Let me point out that holding on to negative feelings and thoughts is fruitless, it only makes for more unhappiness. So, be aware of your reactions and do your best to accept the situation for what it is, no matter how unpleasant it may be.

Distrust in life, can be taken to the extreme where we think there is a potential threat behind every corner. Again, it's fear that triggers this kind of thinking.

Death is our most deeply-rooted fear and even the thought of a natural death at 110, is frightening. Let's be sensible and learn to live with our fears without overreacting.

How could we possibly enjoy life when we are consistently worrying about terror attacks and dying? Let's not allow fear to push us to the extreme where we start acting like stressed chickens.

"Besides, what good is fear when there is no obvious threat?"

Again, if it's a big issue for you I wholeheartedly recommend talk therapy. Overcoming this kind of obsessive behavior makes for comfort and ease.

The Benefits Of Trust

Learn to meet life with trust and get paid back tenfold. By approaching people with trust you will be able to feel the difference; flowing with life makes for comfort and ease. Your trust in life will also have a positive effect on the people around you.

Let's make the most out of it for as long as we are here...

Best of luck!

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