What Is True Love?

Deep inside, everyone wants to find true love. The kind of love that is genuine and lasting. In this post we'll explore what true love is and isn't...

You say that you love your partner, but the truth is that you'll only love him for as long as he loves you, and acts according to your preferences.

As you can see, your so called love for him is only surface deep and can turn ugly in a split second. It's called conditional love.

To most of us, love is physical and mental attraction to beautiful people with big personalities. But that has little to do with true love.

Most of the time we act selfishly; whenever we give, we expect something in return.

True love on the other hand, is a mental state from which you perceive everything that exists as an extension of yourself. There is no longer a separation between yours and mine, which makes it easy to love in the true sense of the word.

True love flows naturally and is filled with joy.

By taking on a new perspective on life, you can become a beacon of true love.

Cultivating True Love

Be generous and enjoy the act of giving. There are so many ways to be helpful and kind. Why not ask your neighbor if there's anything you could give her a hand with?

True love is pure and full of good intentions. It's as uplifting as it's nourishing.

We have to accept that everyone is not able to relate to the concept of true love, not to mention giving and receiving it. By showing understanding for those people, no one will be hurt or offended.

When cultivating true love, you should be kind and respectful to everyone you meet. It's a nice gesture to acknowledge the people you run into as opposed to ignoring them.

Be honest with yourself and the rest of the world. Lying has never made anyone happy.

Value your lover's good points and wholeheartedly accept her imperfections.

Moreover, take on a long-term perspective. Invest in your relationship by spending quality time together.

Make the extra effort to be supportive and caring, without expecting anything in return.

Enjoy your partner's presence and listen attentively when she speaks.

Be a loyal friend.

Ask your lover if you can change in any way, to make her more at ease. It's a beautiful thing to say.

That's the perspective of true love.

Best of luck!

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