Common Mistakes In Meditation

Let's take a look at some common mistakes meditators make in meditation. We will start out with something really basic.

Don't meditate too long each time. If you are eager to make progress, meditate more often but in shorter sessions. It is highly individual, however my general recommendation is 10-15 minutes for beginners and 20-30 minutes for intermediate meditators.

Why can't I meditate longer? The main issue is that it is difficult to keep the mind focused for more than a few minutes. The mind is used to thinking nonstop and it takes years of practice to overcome this habit.

Thus, put your favorite thoughts aside and give full attention to the meditation. What matters here is quality, not quantity.

Don't Try Too Hard

This is a common mistake made by meditators at all levels. Imagine you are meditating, trying your very best, really forcing yourself to concentrate. This is how I meditated the first few years. So, what is the problem with trying too hard?

For those of you who repeatedly experience rapture or bliss in meditation, may have noticed that these pleasant sensations arise naturally when the body and mind are relaxed.

It is still possible to experience rapture while the body and mind are somewhat tense, but it does not feel the same. In other words, when there is tension the meditation cannot flow naturally.

A chiropractor once told me that meditation builds up tension in the shoulders. At first, I found that hard to believe because I had always thought of meditation as something that makes you relax, now I know better.

Tension builds up when we concentrate and it is easily noticeable in the shoulders. When the body and mind are tense, they interfere with the natural flow of mental energy which is vital to meditation.

Relaxed Attention

While meditating, your body and mind should be as relaxed as possible. That is a key to successful meditation practice.

Here are a few suggestions, see what works best for you:

- Meditate in a comfortable body position and relax the body

- Let the mind relax during meditation, never push or force yourself to concentrate

- Give your meditation object relaxed attention as opposed to cramp-like attention

- Give your meditation object loving, caring attention

It is only natural to think your meditation will not be as powerful without pushing or forcing yourself to concentrate. However, one day you may notice, that by relaxing the body and mind the meditation starts to flow naturally...

Best of luck!

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