The Benefits Of Guided Meditation

Are you one of those people who have considered changing your life around time and time again but never got round to it? Here's your chance to slow down a little and enjoy the soothing effects of meditation.

With its power to dissolve physical and mental tension we all know that meditation is good for us - but where do you start? The good news is that you don't have to venture off into the deep jungles of India or Thailand to learn powerful meditation techniques, you don't even have to join a meditation center - just load your mp3 player with a quality meditation and there you are...

Getting Started With Guided Meditation

Download a quality meditation to your mp3 player. Then, find a quiet place to meditate. Close the door to your room and switch off the phone. By cutting out distractions it's much easier to relax and concentrate which in turn deepens the meditation. This is why so many meditators part with civilization when going on meditation retreats.

Make yourself really comfortable, either sit in an armchair or lie down. The more comfortable you are the easier it is to relax.

Put on your favorite headphones, press play and close your eyes. Meditating with the eyes closed is another way of cutting out distractions.

A guided meditation is a series of easy-to-follow instructions that bring you to a state of vibrant stillness. Just relax and follow the instructions. During the meditation your heartbeat will slow down, your body will relax and your mind become centered and calm. After the session you'll feel refreshed.

The more you practice the deeper the meditation takes you. Now, once you find a guided meditation that you like, stick to it. This way you'll benefit the most from your practice. I recommend that you meditate at least 2-3 times a week, however, if you're really serious about reaping the fruits of meditation - opt for a session a day.

Meditation is fun and easy to learn. All you really need is a 10-minute coffee break, so fitting it into a busy schedule is very feasible. The thing that matters here is quality, not quantity.

Give yourself a soothing start of the day by listening to a guided meditation first thing in the morning or dramatically improve the quality of sleep by meditating just before going to bed at night.

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Positive Effects Of Meditation

So, what should you expect from your meditation practice? Those of you who are into sports already know that physical exercise is a wonderful release. A means of doing away with surplus energy and tension, resulting in physical and mental ease. Likewise, health professionals speak very highly of meditation and its overall health benefits. It's widely recognized that deep relaxation assists in lowering the blood pressure and vitalizes the mind, calling forth physical and mental wellbeing.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep at night, guided meditation may be just the tool you've been looking for. When the mind is really active it's hard to relax, let alone falling asleep. Thinking about work or personal problems are common causes of insomnia.

Physical and mental stress bring us out of balance. So, how do you fall asleep after a busy day at the office? One approach is to keep the stress below a critical level throughout the day, by not allowing it to turn into a wildfire. Preventive measures are more effective than attempting to suppress stress that's already burning. Here, the short meditation on the commuter train or during the coffee break works wonders.

Effective Learning

Guided meditation is also a powerful tool when it comes to effective learning. So, what is it that makes us sluggish and inefficient? Let's take a look at the key factors:

- Stale air

- Tiredness

- Dehydration

- Hours of sitting

- Infrequent meals

- Poor concentration

See to these issues by improving the air circulation, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of fluids, taking frequent breaks and eating regularly. A few minutes of stretching or a refreshing walk works too. Promoting biochemical balance supports overall wellbeing and increases your endurance as well.

Then, let the guided meditation boost your concentration. While meditating the concentration builds up a momentum not unlike a spinning gyro that can keep you studying for a few hours. Whenever you start to feel mentally tired - take a short break or a power nap.

The key here is to experiment. So, try meditating prior to studying, during breaks and before going to bed at night to see what works best for you.

Best of luck!

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