What Is The Best Body Posture For Meditation?

This is a big question and many meditation teachers will tell you that the right body posture is a key to successful meditation practice.

Now, my take on this is as simple as it's straight forward. It's the mind that meditates, the body posture is only secondary.

Having said that, the mind dwells in the body so we can't deny that the body effects the mind and vice versa.

Sitting meditation on an upright chair or stool is as good as meditating in the full-lotus position on the floor. Some meditators argue that the full-lotus position is superior when it comes to physical balance and the way it supports the flow of mental energy. Again, it's the mind that meditates - not the body.

Eckhart Tolle who's a great master of the mind meditates on a chair!

Spiritual Traditions

Often, these kind of arguments are born out of spiritual traditions and as meditators we tend to identify with them. For example, I'm Tibetan Buddhist or an anthroposophist.

There is nothing wrong with spiritual traditions, besides without these traditions there would be few spiritual teachings available today. The key here is to see the cultural components and not confuse them with the true teachings.

Some of you may be familiar with standing meditation, walking meditation and lying down meditation. Every body posture is useful. If you're feeling sleepy, don't meditate lying down or in a comfortable armchair - which may put you to sleep.

Meditate With The Spine Upright

Finally, I recommend that all meditation practice should be done with the spine in an upright position. There are two reasons for this:

- An alert body supports an alert mind.

- Mental energy that travels through and around the entire body, but particularly through the spine, flows more easily when the spine is upright.

Best of luck!

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