What Are The Dangers Of Rapture In Meditation?

For a recap on rapture and its benefits, go to the Q&A section. Let's take a close look at the potential dangers of rapture in meditation. Seasoned meditators know from their own experiences that the pleasant sensations of rapture are most addictive - it simply feels so good. But what's wrong with that?

For one, it's normal for intermediate meditators that are just starting to experience rapture to be totally overwhelmed by the pleasant sensations and completely forget about meditating.

If we stop meditating every time rapture arises only to indulge in sense pleasures, we become slaves to our own desires and risk getting stuck in our meditation practice.

One thing has to be crystal clear, rapture boosts concentration and can support the meditation practice in a big way. But in order to harvest these fruits, we must let go of the pleasant sensations whenever they arise and continue to meditate.

I recommend that you acknowledge to yourself, "I feel rapture," every time it arises and immediately bring your attention back to the meditation object.

Another danger is that we may start congratulating ourselves while meditating, for having experienced rapture. By doing so, we risk getting trapped in thinking when we're supposed to meditate.

Letting Go Of Rapture

In the beginning, rapture is hard to resist. The energy is so refined compared to what we're used to, however, with experience we grow used to refined mental states which makes it easier to let go. This is referred to as spiritual maturity. By letting go of the pleasant sensations rapture starts to work for us as opposed to against us.

After having let go, we'll still rest in a pleasant mental state but without holding on to it.

Best of luck!

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