When Spirituality Becomes The Most Important Part Of Your Life

What happens when spirituality becomes the most important part of your life? How does it affect your attitude and actions? What are the fruits of giving spirituality a high priority?

In this article we'll explore the transition from being a spiritual hobbyist to becoming a full-time spiritual seeker. We will also take a look at how experienced meditators practice and relate to the world around them.

As you may have suspected, it takes more than just curiosity to propel you forward and make serious progress on the spiritual path. Those who have been through painful mental, emotional or physical suffering are likely to keep going the longest. Their motivation is to heal the wounds, which is a realistic goal.

It's true to say that suffering can push you so hard, that many spiritual seekers willingly give up their comforts and pleasures in life, in hope of liberation from the pain. I suggest you do what is right for you...

The Attitude Of A Spiritual Seeker

The very heart of spiritual practice is to do what is good and right. Another word for it is morality. As a result, spiritual seekers strive to be kind, helpful and honest. Here you can read about the importance of morality in meditation.

It takes firm determination to gain inner freedom and spiritual wisdom. This involves a willingness to sacrifice worldly pleasures in exchange of a simple life, revolving around spiritual practice.

The spiritual path is a life-long journey, so I encourage you to cultivate patience.

It's vital to nourish both your body and mind. That includes eating healthy food, breathing fresh air, exercising, getting sufficient sleep and minimizing stress.

The spiritual seeker veers away from materialism, since identifying with the latest gadgets won't lead to lasting happiness or fulfillment. Rather, learn to value what you have, and contentment will follow.

The Actions Of A Spiritual Seeker

With the aim to lead a more meaningful life, numerous spiritual seekers give up their careers. That can be a great sacrifice, especially for those who have invested a lot of time and energy into their studies or profession. How about the physician I met at a Buddhist monastery in the UK, she had become a nun to heal her mental and emotional pain.

Others prefer to lead a simple worldly life and work part-time to pay their bills. The end result is ample free time and minimal stress.

It takes courage though, to break free from your old lifestyle. Family and friends are likely to question your decision. In short, you trade money and comfort for free time, which gives you the freedom to practice meditation at home for hours a day, stay in monasteries or a combination of the two.

Regular practice is the key to spiritual progress, so find a healthy balance that works for you. When you meditate a few times a day, the mind remains calm between sessions, making it easier to concentrate. Once you have a clear understanding of the basics, it's advisable to focus less on theory and more on practice.

You will need support to keep yourself motivated and inspired. One way is to turn your home into a sanctuary. There are no rules, do what feels right for you. Other forms of support include having like-minded friends, an experienced meditation teacher, meditation groups, retreats, reading and listening to meditation talks at home.

It takes plenty of discipline to walk down the spiritual path, especially if you practice alone. You have to make ongoing effort. Regardless how hard your practice, always give relaxed attention to your meditation object, since trying too hard builds up physical and mental tension.

Progress in your practice is a form of feedback and proof. A confirmation that you benefit from your practice and that the spiritual realms really exist. Once you have made some serious progress, it's highly unlikely that you ever will abandon the path.

Whenever you are ready, I strongly encourage you to give up tobacco, alcohol and drugs. Making such a commitment will truly empower you. In addition, if you care for the wellbeing of animals, you can stop eating meat as well.

Strive to be mindful throughout the day. Here is an article that outlines everything you need to know about continuous mindfulness practice.

Always do what is good and right, this will benefit your practice enormously. Less guilt, makes for fewer distractions while meditating; but more importantly, mediocre morals limit progress along the spiritual path.

Care for your body and mind, like a mother nurtures her child. Give your body healthy food, exercise and enough rest. Eat mindfully and avoid stress.

After years of spiritual practice, you may feel less inclined to socialize and have lots of friends. This is quite normal. A person with a rich inner life doesn't crave as much stimulation. Again, find what works for you.

Personally, I often switch off the mobile phone. Stress-free living and space enrich my everyday life.

The Fruits Of Giving Spirituality A High Priority

Spiritual practice heals or purifies the mind, which results in mental and emotional wellbeing. Picture an individual that is suicidal. With persistent meditation practice, the unpleasant emotions can be transformed into stillness and ease. Consider what that would mean to someone who has suffered around the clock for years.

By learning to be mindful throughout the day, you will bathe in a calming and soothing mental state, which rubs off on everyone you meet. Moreover, the fact that mindfulness and stress cannot coexist, makes for a beautiful life.

You become more aware of your feelings, thoughts and what is going on around you. You also open up to subtle mental energies. Not unlike an animal, you tune in with life. To what extent, depends on your talents and how well you practice.

Isn't it pleasant to be surrounded by kind, helpful and selflessness people? A moral practice cultivates these personality traits. I call it spiritual warmth, by that I mean deeply-rooted caring qualities.

Let's say you have lost your wallet. Normally, you would resist what happened by holding on to your feelings and thoughts, which is futile and leads to unhappiness. Meditation and mindfulness practices make it easier to accept and let go of your negative feelings and thoughts. That, is most liberating.

Spiritual seekers learn to value truth and reality over appearances and opinions. As a result, you focus on what is important and disregard what is not. While most people waste a lot of time worrying how others perceive them, or indulge in gossip.

Having said that, doesn't mean you can't play and have fun! This clearly illustrates the importance of a correct understanding of the practice.

A seasoned meditator can quite easily tell a genuine teacher or practitioner from a fake one. You may ask, how is that possible? The combination of steadfast attention, an openness to subtle mental energies and knowing what to look for, quickly reveals who you are dealing with. That is virtually impossible for a novice seeker, who is caught up in thinking and doesn't recognize the qualities of spiritual progress.

Spiritual practice fosters trust and self-reliance. These qualities are needed along the spiritual path. Without them, progress is hampered.

You may witness profound spiritual transformations that permanently change the way you perceive reality. At any rate, by giving spirituality a high priority in life, you are bound to benefit from your practice.

Best of luck!

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