Doubt In Spirituality

Spirituality is both abstract and subtle, which is a combination that tends to fuel doubt. In this post we'll examine the elusive nature of spirituality, plus how to minimize doubt in spiritual practice.

Let's define spirituality. But first, what does spirituality mean to you? Give it some thought...

Spirituality is the bedrock upon which the world's religions are built. The very core of that foundation is wisdom. We're not talking about conventional wisdom here, but spiritual wisdom. Another word for it is intuitive wisdom.

Spiritual Energy And Wisdom

For easy understanding, we can talk about spirituality on two levels. One is spiritual energy and the other is spiritual wisdom.

Spiritual energy, also called mental energy, is abstract and subtle. In order to sense spiritual energy, the mind must be centered as opposed to lost in thought.

As you progress along the spiritual path, your mental energy will become more refined and you will also be able to pick up on more subtle energies. Having said that, an individual with beautiful mental energy is not necessarily wise.

Spiritual wisdom is veiled or hidden, if you like. That means it cannot be accessed until you have matured sufficiently. The practices of morality and meditation make for balanced progress. Then, the wisdom arises on its own accord and is often referred to as insights.

Spirituality And Doubt

What causes doubt? It's the result of thinking. Here's an example. Imagine a person that has been meditating for two months but has not yet become aware of her own mental energy. As she ponders on the absence of progress, doubts about spirituality and her own abilities surface.

Then it's only natural to think, "Is spirituality real? Does mental energy really exist? Will I ever be able to sense it?"

It's easy to understand the negative consequences of doubt. Since it involves thinking it's a major distraction in meditation, it suppresses motivation and leads to confusion.

The first few years, I had a lot of doubts about spirituality. Was spirituality real? Was it possible to see spiritual beings? Did I have what it takes? I hungered for proof of the spiritual worlds.

At one point, I traveled to Africa for about five months. I packed plenty of spiritual literature and planned to meditate every day. Before setting out, I thought to myself, "I'll give it five months. If I don't experience anything, I will stop meditating."

How To Minimize Doubt

Change perspectives. Don't expect spirituality to be loud and clear. Instead, accept its subtle nature and that it takes a fair bit of practice to become aware of it.

Once you have first-hand experience of your own mind and the spiritual realms, the doubts will dissolve, step by step.

Thinking about your doubts won't do you any good. Rather, cultivate meditation and morality on a regular basis.

Finally, it's perfectly normal to be doubtful, seeing is believing. I encourage you to acknowledge your doubts and put them aside.

Best of luck!

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