The Fruits Of Spiritual Practice

True spiritual practice is made up of two parts that are of equal importance, that is morality and meditation. Here we'll explore the fruits of such practices.

Please keep in mind that spiritual practice is a lifelong journey. Progress is gradual, yet every step along the path is rewarding.

Let me first say a few words about the marriage of morality and meditation. The correct approach to spiritual practice is to develop impeccable morality and steadfast awareness. The awareness or mindfulness if you like, reminds us to do what is good and right.

Often times I meet seekers that ignore the moral practice, which results in a kind of spiritual miscarriage. Without a firm moral foundation the ego remains predominant.

Morality Is Beautiful

Striving to do what is good and right has a positive affect on people around you. May it be that you make an effort to be helpful or that you simply are patient and honest. In short, morality is about cultivating selflessness.

In the beginning moral progress is almost instant. As soon as you start to work on yourself, your actions become more wholesome. Don't be hard on yourself though. Instead of having high expectations, try your very best and value every bit of progress you make.

As your moral practice deepens or matures you will naturally develop spiritual warmth, which is a truly beautiful quality. One could say that spiritual warmth arises when you have embodied your moral practice. Or put in other words, when selflessness has become a natural part of your character.

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Self-Awareness Is Freedom

By cultivating meditation you become more present, even in everyday life. Rather than being caught up in thinking most of the time, you will take on a certain degree of awareness of your feelings and thoughts. The newly gained presence also makes for patience.

This type of self-awareness doesn't take that long to develop, yet it can greatly enhance your quality of life. Instead of acting habitually, you become aware that you actually have choices. This opens up many new possibilities.

With further practice you will find it easier to let go of your feelings and thoughts, another word for it is acceptance. It becomes easier to accept life as it is. The ability to let go offers great relief.

At the same time most people have the tendency to resist life as it unfolds, including their own death. Can you see how much unhappiness that creates?

Moreover, you can learn to be mindful throughout the day. We could call it continuous mindfulness practice. It's a calming and soothing mental state that has a positive affect on everyone you meet. When you're mindful you are connected with the divine.

Even though anger is deeply rooted in the human psyche, it's possible to become a less angry person. Awareness is the best tool I know of, when it comes to not identifying with your feelings and thoughts. By not fueling the anger with negative thinking, it fades away. Life is much more beautiful without anger.

Leading A Meaningful Life

Spiritual practice quite naturally changes the way we live our lives. Let me give you an example. When you explore truth and reality, you soon come to realize that life in the human body doesn't last forever. Just like a leaf that falls from a tree, your life will end one day. That's reality, a law of nature.

With that insight, you're likely to thirst for a more meaningful life. Our time on Earth is precious and shouldn't be taken for granted. Many spiritual seekers break free from materialism and the ideals of mainstream society. Do what feels right for you.

Beyond this awaits profound spiritual transformations. As your awareness deepens, your perception of reality expands...

Best of luck!

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