Torn Between Spirituality And Worldly Pleasures

You may have practiced yoga or meditation for years, yet you have one foot in spirituality and the other in desire. As you already know, it's hard to let go of worldly pleasures. In this post, I'll share some pointers and encourage you to take your spiritual practice to a higher level.

For the majority of seekers, spirituality never becomes the most important thing in life, which is required in order to make serious progress along the spiritual path. Here, serious progress is synonymous with maximum benefit.

Even for those of you who have made spiritual practice a top priority in life, it's a major challenge to put worldly pleasures aside. Why is that?

Desire In Spirituality

Desires are deeply rooted cravings that have the power to override all logic and reason. For example, does it make any sense that a regular guy who craves a cigarette in the middle of the night, takes a taxi for an hour just to buy a pack?

Here's another way of illustrating it. Let's say you're in a relationship when a new colleague at work starts to flirt with you. The person radiates with sex appeal and asks to meet up with you in the evening. Could you resist the sexual pull, and do you have the character and self control it takes to say no?

Other strong desires include materialism, status, wealth, selfishness, alcohol, drugs, food and gossiping.

There are so many desires and each and every one of them act as a distraction. Therefore, it's essential for spiritual seekers to develop discipline and to do what is good and right. Keep in mind that morality is one of the sweetest fruits of spiritual practice. Isn't it beautiful to spend time with gentle, honest and caring friends?

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Taking Spirituality To The Next Level

To lead a more spiritual life you need to make commitments. Any of the following suggestions will deepen your practice. It could be to stop drinking alcohol, to become a vegetarian, to work on your morals, to let go of materialism, to be mindful throughout the day, to spend your holidays in meditation retreat, to utilize your time effectively and to make more effort.

Stick to your commitments regardless of internal and external conditions, and you're bound to make progress over time. In addition, take on a long-term perspective and don't think about your doubts; instead, acknowledge their presence and let them go. It's vital to realize that doubts block your practice not unlike desires.

What is more, it takes a fair amount of commitment, conviction and character to place both your feet in spirituality, as opposed to lingering with one in worldly pleasures. Onlookers may perceive it as a great sacrifice, while I view it as an investment in happiness and wellbeing.

I recommend that you do what's right for you, and don't worry about the reactions from people around you. The bottom line is to live a meaningful life.

By striving in this direction, your mind will eventually rest in soothing stillness, from the moment you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at night. Not to mention the high quality of sleep and the absence of guilt consciousness.

Best of luck!

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