The Keys To Online Productivity

How can I be more productive online? That is the question all of us should ask ourselves. There is an abundance of sticky distractions online including chat, email, news, games, social and video sites.

There is nothing wrong with these sites, not at all, but it's clear that aimless surfing has a negative effect on productivity. I can't see myself getting much done when I'm busy chatting...

Aimless Surfing

Let's say you are running a blog and plan to write a new post. Then, aimless surfing would keep you from doing what you are supposed to. One could say that playing around online is a form of escapism that sets in whenever motivation is running low.

I admit, there is an infinite number of online distractions. One approach is to avoid aimless surfing all together, in other words, you need to discipline yourself. I find that hours of surfing drains me not unlike a long session in front of the tv. Avoiding it is a way of preserving motivation and energy.

Work Offline

Working as much as possible offline is a simple yet effective approach to productivity. This way you turn your back on all the online distractions. Do whatever work you can offline and watch your productivity soar.

Sometimes I even work with a pen and paper which is a refreshing break from the computer environment. I actually find it a great source of inspiration. No matter how much you love something, change is a powerful tool.

Online productivity is essentially about fine-tuning your habits and the simplest changes are often the most effective.

Best of luck!

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