10 Amazing Writing Skills For Bloggers

Let me take you through 10 easy steps that can make you a better blogger!

1. Write about topics that interest your readers. Focus on providing information they really want and do your best to help them along the way.

2. Planning your posts saves you a lot of time. Let's say you're going to write about popping popcorn. How will you describe how it's done? Step one, step two, step three etc.

3. A blog post needs a catchy title that draws attention. There are short titles and there are long ones. Personally, I opt for the shorter alternative.

If you're writing about popping popcorn, include the words popping popcorn in the title. This way, everyone knows what the article is all about and the search engines will send you more traffic.

4. Freely share what you know. This is an important key to successful blogging. If you have genuine knowledge about the topic you're writing about, share everything you know about it with your readers and they'll love you for it. As a pro, you should also be able to explain things in plain English.

5. If you know a particular topic well, write about it with confidence. However, it pays off to be sensitive to other people's views and opinions.

6. Web surfers love blogs with character. Relax and show your readership who you really are! At the same time, you'll quite naturally establish a personal relation to your readers.

7. Really make an effort to keep your writing interesting by setting your imagination and creativity free. Most readers find formal writing boring, so it's better to keep it casual.

8. Let's not repeat the same words and phrases over and over again. It's more enjoyable to read a text that's varied. Use a thesaurus or a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms for suggestions.

9. Divide your posts into paragraphs. It's easier to read short paragraphs than large chunks of text. Another good practice is to start a new paragraph whenever changing topics.

10. Finally, check your spelling and don't post anything online that hasn't been properly edited! Preferably leave the article for a few minutes, hours or days and complete it with a fresh mind.

Another way is to have a friend give you feedback. After all, that's what friends are for...

Best of luck!

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