Easy Steps To More Search Engine Traffic

First things first, search engine optimization doesn't yield scores of traffic overnight. So, let's approach it from a long-term perspective.

The beauty of search engine traffic is that it doesn't require any effort on your part, once things have been properly set up. In other words, it's worth every effort and it's 100% free.

The most important search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. As you all know, Google is the biggest one by far and therefore has the potential to send you the most traffic.

By following the search engines' guidelines, we are a step closer to getting more search engine traffic.

Search Engine Optimization

A key factor in search engine optimization is having links pointing to your website. The search engines view these links as votes for your site, saying that your website offers value. If a high-quality site links to yours, then that's a heavy vote. On the other hand if a low-quality site links to your website, it won't be of much help.

The search engines want to keep their old users and attract new ones by providing the most relevant search results and links are important tools in achieving their goals.

The following steps are in line with Google's webmaster guidelines and will bring you more search engine traffic over time...

Quality Content

Write quality articles, this way your readers will share your content at social sites and other webmasters are likely to link to your posts. Give it some time and see for yourself...

After Google Panda was introduced in 2011, it's even more important to author quality posts and to remove thin content.

User Friendliness

Build a site with your visitors in focus. Make it easy to navigate and don't put up too many ads, especially not above the fold. As a result, the search engines will channel more traffic your way.

A great user-friendly feature is called breadcrumb links. At the bottom of this page you will find the following:

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The idea with the breadcrumb links is to support user-friendly site navigation.


Search engines work with keywords. So, if your post is about traveling, you should repeat travel-related keywords throughout the article. Also include the various forms of a keyword such as travel, traveler, traveled and traveling. This way it will be clear to the search engines what the post is about.

Include keywords in the article's title and emphasize its importance by giving it title tags. Do the same with the headlines but give them headline tags. Keywords that appear in bold in the text add extra weight too. You should also use keywords to describe what individual paragraphs are about. An example of such a tag is "meta tags." (See below)

Your photos should also be described with keywords. Write a long descriptive sentence for each photo in the alternative-text area. The sentence should be rich in keywords which boosts traffic from image search.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are nothing more than keywords that describe the content of a page. It's also possible to add descriptive meta tags and these sentences normally appear in the search results.

To me, a descriptive meta tag is a free form of advertising. So, take this opportunity to convince surfers to click on your link!

Text Links

Don't buy text links for the purpose of improving your search rankings. If Google finds out they will penalize you by sending the search traffic somewhere else and it could take months to get back in their good books.

Google actually encourages webmasters to report sites that are involved in the text-link trade. So, a sadistic competitor may report your site with a grin on his face.

Blog Carnivals

An excellent alternative to buying text links is to submit your best articles to blog carnivals. Each successful submission results in a free link which over time leads to more search engine traffic. Your site doesn't even have to be a blog to qualify, you are in as long as your posts are on topic.

A final reminder. Active websites are awarded more traffic than ones that are not. So, post articles as often as possible, at least once a week.

Best of luck!

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