The Beauty Of Living A Simple Life

Many years ago, I worked six days a week in London, UK. The salary was good but I wouldn't consider it a high quality of life. The lifestyle was really stressful, I felt trapped and often caught myself daydreaming about going to exotic places.

When you work hard you earn a lot of money, but since you've literally sold your soul to the company, you hardly have any freedom. The only gratification would be weekend trips and toys such as computers and smartphones. To me, that's like being a monkey in a cage.

What is more important to you: Status and wealth, or freedom and health?

In this article, I will encourage you to simplify your life. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

The Benefits Of A Simple Life

London was too stressful and I needed a solid break, so I went to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia for over 5 months. Now, that's freedom. The beauty of a simple life is that you have ample time and are free to go where you like.

Simple also means less stress. How about working 2-3 days a week, as opposed to five? I've done that. It's doable, as long as you lower your living expenses. You'll have plenty of time for your hobbies and loved ones too. Personally, I've spent months in meditation retreat.

It's possible to run a part-time business from home. Imagine all the time and money you would save, not having to commute to work. Not to mention the freedom of being your own boss.

Another way of slashing your bills is to replace the car with a bicycle, use public transport or simply walk.

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Don't even think of keeping up with your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Getting the latest gadgets is a waste of money. Those toys won't ever make you happy!

Why not grow your own fruits and vegetables? Why not learn to repair things round the house? Why not reuse glass jars and plastic food containers? These are all great ways of cutting costs and caring for the environment at the same time.

Even better, when you live like this your home is less likely to attract thieves. Simple is beautiful.

But before you change your life around, it's a good idea to have some savings for unforeseen expenses. No need to overdo it, but make sure you have enough to cover at least 6-12 months of living costs. That way, your heart will be at ease.

Finally, we live in an extremely materialistic world, so don't give too much attention to the messages that are being pumped out through advertising and commercials. Instead, learn to value what is truly important in life, and create a lifestyle that is satisfying and meaningful.

Experiment to see what works for you...

Best of luck!

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