Accepting People As They Are

In this post we'll take a look at the fault-finding mind and how to become a more accepting person.

The mind has a tendency to judge every sense impression and every thought. That's why it's so difficult to accept others as they are.

Thoughts come and go in a split second and unless you have done years of mind training, most thoughts slip by unnoticed. Therefore, it's fair to say that we are not particularly aware of our thought processes.

It's also true that we hardly ever stop thinking even while eating or brushing the teeth. As a result, a lot of thought activity takes place in the background. Since we don't give those thoughts much attention, we are only vaguely aware of them.

The Fault-Finding Mind

The fault-finding mind operates on two levels, in the foreground and background. The mind loves to find faults in everything it perceives including itself. Do you see how destructive the mind can be?

Whenever we meet someone who speaks differently, wears odd clothes or carries himself in a particular way, the fault-finding mind is highly active. That's how we have been programmed, it's our nature.

How do you react to an individualist who stands out from the crowd? Take a moment to think about it...

Often times we don't accept the person for who she is and if you get really frustrated, you may even try to change her.

Let's say you want to go out on a picnic, but it's raining. Is there any point in resisting? Since you can't change what already is, it's wiser to accept the conditions as they are. That saves you a lot of frustration.

When you live in acceptance, you flow with life which makes for comfort and ease.

Many times individualists get bullied or teased. Don't hurt anyone's feelings. Rather, come to understand that the cause of bullying is people's inability to accept others as they are.

How To Accept People

A good starting point is to allow everyone to be who they are. Don't expect them to be like you. Isn't that beautiful?

When you get to know someone you find out who they truly are. Make an effort to understand where the person is coming from; how she thinks and perceives the world we live in.

Moreover, discover her good points and value them.

See, you just made a new friend!

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