Reliving Your Life

If you could relive your entire life, from birth right up to today, would you do it? Here is another interesting consideration, would you like to undo things you have said and done while overtaken by intense emotions?

In this article we will explore the idea of reliving your life. In addition to the above, we will also look into the possibility of making new life choices.

Before we bite into it, this post is written in a way that stimulates reflection and healthy self-awareness. Thus, I encourage you to take short breaks throughout the text to reflect on your own life...

As we all know, life is like a long string that forms a series of waves. Most of the waves are averaged sized, but some are really high while others are really low. Life is known to have its ups and downs.

When we talk about reliving your life, we don't suggest that you should only relive the highs. No, reliving your life refers to reliving your entire life.

Consider how much heavier that would be, than only savoring brief moments of romance and the good times.

Would You Like To Relive Your Entire Life?

My answer to the question is, "No." Life is filled to the brim with struggles and suffering. I don't want to relive being depressed, bullied and to go through all the struggles over again.

How about you?

No one wants to be unhappy, we avoid unhappiness like the plague.

I don't have any intention of redoing my education. That also holds true when it comes to the things in life that I'm the most passionate about, namely meditation and spirituality.

The sheer thought of having to redo 25 years of meditation practice, including all the sacrifices that come with it, makes my heart sink. It has been such a struggle.

To me, there is a distinct difference between pitying oneself and not wanting to relive one's entire life, all over again.

Can you identify suffering or unhappiness in your own life?

Undoing Regret

Oh, yes. Having been emotionally reactive, it would be truly meaningful to undo the regretful things I have said and done over the years. As along as it doesn't entail reliving my life in its entirety. In my opinion, that would simply be too high a price to pay.

How about you? How far are you willing to go to set things right?

We all know what it is like to be hurt. It definitely feels better not to hurt others' feelings, as far as it is possible.

Sometimes even your good intentions, call forth unhappiness in others.

Changing Your Life Choices

What would you like to change?

Personally, I am at peace with the major decisions I have made in my life. A wholesome pointer is to follow your heart whenever you make a significant decision.

As you can tell, it is not an easy task to decide whether or not to relive your entire life. For sure, life is full of unpleasant experiences and it would be most painful to relive it.

One key question remains, what function does suffering have in life?

Take a moment to think it over. If you are unable to figure it out, feel free to email me.

Best of luck!

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