Meditation Made Easy

I meet a lot of people who say, "I can't meditate, I've tried but I can't do it."

Let me introduce you to an easy yet powerful meditation technique, I'll even suggest a few variations so you can find a personal favorite.

Sit down wherever you are, may it be in the grass or on a chair. It doesn't matter much how or where you sit.

Now, relax your body and close your eyes. Give some attention to what it feels like to sit down. Can you feel the weight of your body against the surface? Does it feel hot or cold? Soft or hard? Rough or smooth?

Really take an interest in these bodily sensations. A curious disposition makes meditation a breeze.

Relax And The Meditation Will Flow

What's important here is to relax and give attention to bodily sensations, but don't try too hard which builds up physical and mental tension. So, relax and pay attention to what it feels like to sit down. If you notice that you've stopped meditating and started to think, gently bring your attention back to the sensation of sitting.

You can sit in the same place every time you meditate or experiment with sitting in different places and on various surfaces. There are no set rules. Try meditating at home, in nature or in your favorite church etc.

Give attention to the bodily sensations for about 5-10 minutes each session and meditate as often as you like. Remember not to try too hard.

As you can see, meditation can be really easy. Some meditators enjoy advanced meditation techniques but even a simple technique like this effectively dissolves physical and mental stress.

Experience the vibrant stillness of meditation yourself, and keep in mind that the meditation gets deeper with practice...

Best of luck!

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