What Is The Difference Between Meditation And Guided Meditation?

This is an interesting question. In my experience, many meditators look down on and underestimate the power of guided meditation. In their eyes, guided meditation is not real meditation.

Here, we'll take a close look at guided meditation and compare it to other forms of meditation.

Over the years, I've practiced a lot of guided meditation, especially chakra meditation. I can assure you that it's almost as beneficial as regular meditation. The guided chakra meditations were most healing.

What Is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is fun & easy to learn and doesn't require any previous experience. Here you can download three different guided meditations, free of charge.

Guided meditation is also called voice guided meditation. All you have to do is sit or lie down comfortably, close your eyes and follow the voice instructions. Moreover, guided meditations often feature background music.

The objective of guided meditation is to focus the mind on a meditation object. Or phrased differently, to give attention to a meditation object. If you are instructed to give attention to your breathing, then the breath is your meditation object. Likewise, if you are asked to give attention to the sensations in your left palm, then the sensations in your left palm is your meditation object.

Always give relaxed attention to your meditation object, regardless what type of meditation you practice. Trying too hard, only builds up physical and mental tension.

Thanks to the voice instructions that remind us of what to do, guided meditation is easier to learn and practice than so called normal meditation. In other forms of meditation, there are no such instructions.

Often times when meditators practice regular meditation, they start to think and end up daydreaming for several minutes, without really being aware of it. This is less likely to happen in guided meditation.

Please keep in mind, that any type of meditation requires that you make an effort to give attention to your meditation object. Unless you pay attention to your meditation object, you won't benefit from your practice or make any progress. There is no such thing as progress in meditation without making any effort.

Popular Meditation Techniques

There are many forms of meditation. Here is a list of popular meditation techniques:

- Mantra

- Visualization

- Light meditation

- Chakra meditation

- Healing meditation

- Walking meditation

- Kindness meditation

- Listening meditation

- Breathing meditation

- Mindfulness meditation

- Concentration meditation

The above meditation techniques all have one thing in common, namely, that you are on your own. In other words, there are no voice instructions or reminders that tell you what to do. That's where the challenge or difficulty lies. Without such instructions, it's quite easy to get caught up in thinking or daydreaming.

An effective approach to prevent thinking is to meditate when you feel alert and rested. Another trick is to keep the meditation sessions short. That way, the mind won't get as sluggish. What is more, you are less likely to think when distractions are kept to a minimum, so always opt to meditate in quiet places.

In conclusion, there is a simple way to transition from guided meditation to meditation without any voice instructions. All you have to do is to learn the guided meditation by heart; then, you guide yourself through the meditation.

By following the link called Free Meditations at the top of the menu, you will find a list of all the meditation transcripts available on axel g. Print out the transcripts that interest you and memorize the guided meditations, one by one.

Meditate regularly to benefit the most from your practice.

Best of luck!

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