What Is Chakra Meditation?

Chakras are mental energy centers along the spine, also found in joints and in-and-around the body. The seven main chakras run from the bottom to the top of the spine.

Besides being energy centers, the chakras mature as a result of spiritual practice and this is where the chakra meditation comes into play.

Chakra meditation is usually a form of visualization or sound meditation. The chakras can be stimulated either by visualizing their colors or by resounding their individual tones. I've tried both techniques but I'm more experienced with the visualizations.

A chakra gets stimulated by singing the corresponding tone. One disadvantage of this technique is that it's hard for the average person to generate the correct tone without hearing it from someone else or a recording just before resounding it yourself, which makes you somewhat dependent. Personally, I always opt for simplicity in my meditation practice.

The visualizations on the other hand are easier for most meditators. All you have to do is visualize the color of each chakra, one at the time, and flood it with color. More about this meditation technique in future posts.

Working With Chakras

So, what happens when we sing the correct tone or visualize the right color? Then, you stimulate the chakra you're working on and the more you stimulate it, the more cleansed it gets. While stimulating a chakra its energy radiates vibrantly.

There are several reasons for working with the chakras and each chakra has its unique characteristics, more about that in coming posts. Anyhow, by working with the chakras we open up to ourselves and the universe. That makes chakra meditation a powerful spiritual practice.

It's highly recommended to work on all of the seven main chakras in every session in order to promote balance in the mental-energy system.

Personally, I've done hundreds of chakra meditations for emotional healing. The chakra meditations help activate negative emotions which heal when given caring attention. For more on this read the article Emotional Healing.

Easy Chakra Meditation

Finally, let's touch on an even easier approach to chakra meditation that is gaining in popularity. I've tried it once during a workshop many years ago. All you have to do is listen to tones that stimulate the chakras. Search for chakra meditation cd for more information.

Now, the one thing singing, listening and visualizing have in common is that they have the power to align you with the present moment and whenever we're aware of the present, we're one with the divine...

Best of luck!

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