Christian Meditation

I was really into Christian meditation for a few years and found the exercises most helpful. Let's take a look at the heart of Christian meditation.

Anthroposophy is a Christian movement founded by Austrian born Rudolf Steiner. He was a multi-talented Christian who developed meditation techniques, eurythmy, mystery dramas and anthroposophical medicine.

Steiner was also a gifted sculptor, architect and biodynamic agriculturist. As a clairvoyant, Rudolf Steiner had all the tools needed to successfully guide his followers. I strongly recommend the book How to Know Higher Worlds, where he skillfully guides you through a number of meditation techniques that lead to spiritual awakening.

The Christian meditations I like the most are listening to bird song and the many visualizations. The meditations are quite easy to learn. Remember to meditate regularly, I would say that 10 minutes a day is enough to make steady progress.

Rudolf Steiner was a truly insightful Christian and I wholeheartedly recommend his meditations and books to anyone interested in exploring truth and reality. One of the things I appreciate the most about his teachings, is his clear style of writing.

Best of luck!

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