Longing For The Past

Occasionally, I think about my early twenties and teenage years. Those were the days! Being young and carefree - willing to take on life head on. Friends, music, women and adventure were the forces that propelled me forward.

Whenever I think about the past, it's with a sense of longing. Life was really playful then and it surely hasn't turned out the way I had anticipated. Do you recognize yourself?

I really enjoyed my teens. School was ok, I wasn't crazy about it but I was motivated enough to end up with decent grades. At thirteen, I got myself an old scooter which opened up a whole new world. With your own transportation, your hometown immediately seems smaller.

That summer marked the very beginning of an exciting phase. Friends and the ever-growing pull girls had on me were the dominating forces in my life. A strong urge for adventure also helped shape reality. Life was full of possibilities and there was no lack of excitement about tomorrow, the dreams were in the making.

So, what do I long for when thinking about the past? For one, I had expected life to be more fulfilling. Whenever I look back, everything seemed so easy and carefree:

- Being round friends and losing yourself in music.

- My mindset was, "The future will deliver happiness and success."

Making Peace With The Past

It was fun to be young and carefree, but at the same time it's easy to forget about the insecurities and disappointments that inevitably go hand in hand with it. To be honest with you, I don't give it much thought anymore. What good is it to think about the past when it only gives rise to longing?

Learn to accept life as it is. Instead of longing for the past, relax and be here and now, in the present.

By the way, when I were young I always longed for the future. So, my conclusion is that human beings avoid the present moment like the plague.

Best of luck!

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