How To Be Happy

This article will remind you of what is truly important in life and what is not. Don't waste your time seeking happiness solely in material things or outside yourself.

Mindfulness, contentment and emotional wellbeing are the strict opposite of materialism, which is characterized by restlessness.

Since stress and happiness cannot coexist, it's imperative to avoid mental states that knock you out of balance. Anyone who observes the mind carefully realizes that moods fluctuate like the wind, therefore it's of great value to learn to tackle unhappiness skillfully.

Pick up the pointers that inspire you the most and find lasting happiness from within.

Less Of This Makes For Happiness

How important is it to have...

- A summer house on the coast

- Friends with big personalities

- Repeated plastic surgery

- The latest smartphone

- Brand name clothing

- Your own private jet

- The latest computer

- A successful career

- A sleek sports car

- The perfect body

- A luxury yacht

- Lots of money

Demand less out of life and stop striving for bigger, better and faster.

Don't take on the latest gadgets like a starving dog. That will only fill your life with emptiness, restlessness and stress.

Don't leave the dishes in the kitchen zinc or the laundry on the floor. Putting things off only results in a depressing environment.

Spend less time on the computer and smart phone.

Don't resist what already is.

Don't look for happiness on exotic islands. Rather, create it wherever you are.

Don't seek praise.

Don't be selfish.

Don't talk about yourself or your achievements all the time.

Don't criticize and condemn when it's uncalled for.

Don't complain for the sake of complaining.

Don't listen to or spend time with people that say you won't succeed. Their negative input will never do you any good.

Don't socialize with individuals that put you down or treat you disrespectfully.

Don't allow anyone to take advantage of you in any way.

More Of This Makes For Happiness

Ample time means less stress and tension.

Learn to love yourself as you are.

Embrace unpleasant emotions with gentle loving attention.

Meditate and live mindfully.

Exercise and spend time in nature.

Eat healthy food.

Give the body sufficient rest.

Work in a profession that interests you.

Deal with problems instead of suppressing them.

Exercise sound judgement and be realistic.

Always do what is good and right.

Strive to be honest, helpful, loyal and kind.

Associate with like-minded people.

Cultivate tolerance and patience.

Try your utmost to be grateful.

Have fewer belongings and value them.

Create space by switching off the cellphone whenever it's possible.

Keep your home tidy and the positive environment will support you.

Give compliments from the heart, don't keep them to yourself.

Readily admit shortcomings and mistakes.

Spend time with people that encourage and inspire you.

Work long-term to realize your dreams.

Believe in yourself.

Best of luck!

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