Kindness Is Happiness

Let me share my thoughts with you. In western culture unlike in Asia where I live today, there's a definite emphasis on individualism and independence.

It's a rather selfish approach to life that gives rise to widespread unhappiness. The fact that we feel little or no responsibility for others, feeds bad attitudes.

For example, "I'm not helping you, take care of your own problems." When a friend tells me that, I feel pretty lonely and ask myself, "What's life about anyway?"

I wonder why my pal can't give me a hand while he thinks he's got the right to say no. In the end, everyone feels bad about it.

Selfish actions cannot make you happy.

Where is individualism and independence meant to take us? Well, we hope to get more time to ourselves and not be troubled by others. So, does this popular approach to life lead to any happiness? Yes and no, but for the most part it has the opposite effect.

There's a need for balance between what we do for ourselves and others, however, that's not to say we shouldn't care for each other. Take a moment to think about it...

Helpful Is Happy

Can you remember the last time you were truly helpful? Perhaps you took an afternoon off work to help your parents or a friend. So, what did it feel like to get home after having helped someone out? It's a wonderful high, isn't it? Kindness is happiness.

Everyone has the potential to be kind and helpful, which gives rise to a sense of satisfaction. It can even boost your self-esteem. Something as basic as keeping someone company may be the best support you could ever give.

Try this out, offer someone a hand with anything they may need help with. It could be a family member or a neighbor and it doesn't really matter if it's a 5-minute or an all-day job.

Best of luck!

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