Playing Is Happiness

Children play wherever they go, may it be in the sand on the beach or while walking from A to B. They're surely in the know, but how do you start playing as an adult?

We tend to take life more and more seriously the older we get. At its worst life is just work, stress and bills. Without making any room for enjoyment, life turns into a wet blanket.

Now, take a moment to figure out what you really want to do in your free time. Start out by taking a look at the things you enjoyed in your teens. Deep inside, do you still feel the same about it?

You may be surprised to realize that your interests haven't changed that much...

Playing is fun and naturally dissolves everyday tension. Personally, I don't mind people watching me while I'm flying around with a remote controlled airplane with a big grin on my face. To me, flying is a first-class enjoyment and therapy at the same time.

So, should you worry about your neighbors' reactions to seeing you shake loose like Mogli while mowing the lawn?


I really love playing and that has never changed. I stopped playing for years though, because adults aren't supposed to, right? But I started to miss it and now I'm right back into it again and I'm as happy as ever.

So, set your spirit free and play to your heart's content.

Best of luck!

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