Emotional Maturity

It's really beautiful to meet individuals who are emotionally mature. Since it's a somewhat rare quality, it always draws my attention. Emotional maturity does have an immediate affect on people around you. The positive vibes spread like ripples on water and make life beautiful.

So, what is emotional maturity then? In short, it's the ability to contain one's feelings and thoughts.

Just imagine the difference between working for someone who's a master of her feelings and thoughts, as opposed to someone who's verbally abusive.

Environment And Culture

Growing up in a supportive environment fosters patience and respect. On the other hand, it would be unfair to expect someone who's grown up under verbally abusive conditions to be able to contain his feelings and thoughts to the same degree.

The programming from childhood stays with us for a lifetime, unless we do something about it.

Moreover, we're greatly influenced by our parents and friends but at the same time we should never underestimate the affects of culture.

Growing up in a country where it's considered rude to express anger for example, has an enormous affect on how its citizens interact with each other.

Feelings And Thoughts

When we don't like something, our thoughts become negative which in turn leads to negative emotions.

Let's say there is little to do at the office and your boss asks you to clean the toilets. Either you'll tell him what time it is or you will keep the negative vibes to yourself.

Either way, most of us would resist cleaning toilets unless it's in the job description.

The key to emotional maturity is not to be taken over by strong emotions.

Emotional Immaturity

Most of us are unable to contain powerful feelings and thoughts. As a result, we say and do things that hurt others. It's the most natural thing in the world to act on strong emotions, but what about the consequences?

Ultimately, emotional immaturity makes for widespread unhappiness.

How irritable are you? Most of us mainly express irritation round people we know. Somehow we tend to make more effort around new faces, however, individuals who are deeply emotionally immature also get irritated with strangers.

Anger on the other hand, is so emotionally charged that no one is spared.


By becoming aware of your feelings and thoughts, you are able to let go of them before they grow strong. This is a highly effective tool when it comes to containing one's emotions.

Again, emotional maturity makes life beautiful. Make people around you feel at ease by mastering your feelings and thoughts. Practice makes perfect...

Best of luck!

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