Living With Uncertainty

In this post we will explore the challenges of living with uncertainty and the best ways to deal with it. As you already know, uncertainty is a state of not knowing about the future, or the outcome of a situation. This naturally makes for stress, frustration, anguish and fear. When the uncertainty has a firm grip on you, it is as if your life is put on hold.

There are different levels of uncertainty, ranging from light to heavy. Let's take a look at a few examples:

- Imagine that you and your lover had a fight and you are afraid she may leave you. She doesn't pick up the phone or reply to your text messages. This continues for several days. How would that make you feel?

It would be really stressful and the whole body would feel vibrantly alive, since your world is on the brink of collapse. You would bathe in anguish, think through all the possible outcomes and what you could have done differently.

- How about learning that the company you work for is on the verge of bankruptcy? Without a job, you wouldn't be able to make your car and house payments. Everything you have could be taken away from you.

Unsettling feelings rush through your body and the heartbeat becomes uneven. Your mind is scattered, you can't think straight. Not knowing what will happen, is highly stressful.

- Your left foot has been crushed in a car accident. You are sitting at your kitchen table, staring at your crutches. The physical pain feels like razor blades cutting through your bones.

The situation is too much to bear and fills you with disbelief. You think, "Will the injury ever heal properly, or will I be disabled for the rest of my life?" Not knowing, is like torture. The thoughts speed through your head, in search of hope.

As you can see, uncertainty is characterized by a sense of panic, anguish and fear, accompanied by thoughts about the future. It's a truly unpleasant mental state.

Let's have a look at some skillful ways to deal with uncertainty.

How To Deal With Uncertainty

Try to accept your situation as it is. By accepting it, you won't generate more mental pain, like you do when you resist it.

Make an appointment with a psychologist or talk therapist. Sharing your feelings and thoughts with someone who really listens, is a wonderful relief. It's a natural way to ease the mental and emotional pressure.

Exercise is good for the body and takes your mind off the endless thinking about your life situation.

Find some meaningful activities to engage in.

Meditation relaxes the body and mind. Guided meditation is easy to learn.

Spend time in nature.

Play with your pet.

Personally, I face every challenge in life with continuous mindfulness. Focusing my attention on my meditation object, makes for comfort and ease.

Things To Avoid

To drink alcohol and take drugs will only make things worse. In truth, it's like adding another problem to an already difficult situation.

Resisting your feelings and thoughts, generate more mental pain.

Endless thinking and worry make for unpleasant mental states. Try not to dwell on your problems.

Be strong, and you will come out of it...

Best of luck!

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