Dealing With Frustration

What makes you frustrated? How do you react to frustration and how do you get over it? Take a moment to think about it...

In this article we'll examine what frustration is, how it affects us, what triggers or causes frustration and how to deal with it. You will also get a set of pointers on what not to do.

What Is Frustration?

Everyone has experienced frustration in one form or another. Here is a classic example. Imagine falling in love with someone. The relationship energizes and lifts you up, but only a week into it you receive a text message that says it's over. The news hits you like a ton of bricks. You try to call your love, but no one picks up. The situation fills you with a sense of panic, confusion and hopelessness. Another word for it is frustration.

Frustration is characterized by stress, confusion and hopelessness. It's an unpleasant mental state that makes you feel vibrantly alive.

Uncertainty or not knowing how something will develop or end, fuels the frustration and makes the situation more difficult to bare. A good example is a physical injury that won't heal. Let's say you have sprained an ankle; months and months go by, you have multiple appointments with your physician and she prescribes stronger medicines, but to no avail. It's most frustrating not knowing if the injury will ever heal.

Here is a list of situations that naturally trigger frustration:

- Being diagnosed with an incurable disease

- Being seriously injured in an accident

- To have surgery that goes wrong

- A beautiful relationship that ends or a divorce

- To be arrested or imprisoned

- To be a victim of a crime awaiting trial

- Losing all your savings in a risky investment

- Negative life changes

- Being laid off from work

- A physical injury that doesn't heal

- To put on a lot of weight

- Not getting along with your colleagues or in-laws

- To fail or make big mistakes

- To lose you wallet, electronics or keys

- To miss a flight, bus or train

- Your car breaks down

- Falling out with an old friend

- Going through difficulties in relationships

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How To Deal With Frustration

The wisest or most skillful approach is to wholeheartedly accept every situation as it is. The moment you stop resisting life, you no longer generate negative feelings and thoughts. With experience, it becomes easier to accept and let go. Start out with insignificant situations and build on it. To be able to accept life as it unfolds is true freedom.

Take time out to disengage from the stress and pressures of life.

Lie down on your back with closed eyes, and give relaxed attention to the unpleasant emotions in your chest and abdomen. To feel or receive the painful emotions as they are, is a form of acceptance. This is most healing.

You can't truly master anything in life without making mistakes, it's a natural part of the learning process. So, learn from your mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future.

Make a plan, plain common sense will take you a long way. No matter how challenging your situation may be, there is a way out of the stress, confusion and hopelessness. Consciously allow yourself happiness and wellbeing.

What Not To Do

It's human nature to hold on to feelings and thoughts, just like a prisoner who is shaking the bars. Do not clutch onto your feelings and thoughts, it's a trap. The clinging is bound to prolong your misery.

Stress and tension naturally build up when you are frustrated. Don't lash out your irritation and anger on others.

Finally, don't numb your senses with alcohol and drugs, it will only make things worse.

Best of luck!

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