Irritation And Anger

It's easy to recognize outright anger, even a baby can sense it.

In this article we'll explore the ins and outs of irritation and anger. You will also find some helpful pointers on how to free yourself from anger. I encourage you to deepen your understanding of anger, which will improve your quality of life.

Irritation and anger are most unpleasant mental states. The negative mental energy affects both the individual who is angry and everyone around him. As a result, we tend to avoid angry people.

Many of us won't admit to ourselves that mankind is full of anger, that's because we rather inhabit a beautiful world than an ugly one. These individuals live in a state of denial. Pretending or playing games with yourself is a waste of time. Stop believing in opinions and appearances and wake up to truth and reality!

All you have to do to become aware of irritation and anger in yourself and others, is to observe the reactions to challenging situations and mishaps. Irritation and anger are omnipresent.

How does the average driver react to traffic jams?

Here is an interesting point, most people know from experience that it's unpleasant to be around angry people, but they are unaware that it's unpleasant to be angry. What does it feel like to be really angry?

Instead of me describing the mental state of anger, I encourage you to experience it first hand, by giving relaxed attention to your bodily sensations whenever you are angry. This will deepen your understanding of anger.

It's important to have a clear picture of our nature. The Buddha said that the human race has been infused with desire, anger and a warped perception of reality. What he meant was that those characteristics form a fundamental part of our psyche.

In other words, we are programmed to crave sex and wealth, to get irritated and hate our enemies and unable to perceive ultimate reality.

Thus, human beings crave sensual pleasures and material things; irritation, anger and hatred naturally arise when we don't like a person or an object of perception; we identify with our feelings and thoughts to the point that we believe it's who we are.

In truth, you are pure consciousness...

By understanding the underlying principles, it's easier to let go of anger and desire. That makes your mental state less turbulent.

The Levels Of Anger

Have you ever met anyone who gets irritated over minor issues? Some people are highly emotionally reactive. Keep in mind that irritation is unpleasant for everyone, including the person who is irritated.

After irritation comes anger, which is charged with more mental energy. Someone who is angry is likely to say and do things she will regret once the anger has subsided. The strong pull of the anger is the cause of the aggressive actions. Other ways of illustrating it, would be to say that the individual strongly identifies with her anger or has been taken over by it.

The most refined form of anger is referred to as hatred. In short, hatred is as evil as it is destructive. At the same time, don't fool yourself. Hatred dwells in every human being, even if only on a dormant level.

Please note that at the higher stages of enlightenment, desire, anger and delusionary perceptions of reality are completely eradicated.

Letting Go Of Anger

Awareness is the key to stop anger, which feeds on negative thoughts. Mindfulness practice is the best approach to become more aware of your feelings and thoughts.

You let go of anger by wholeheartedly accepting a situation as it is. That means putting the issues aside and to stop thinking about it. At first, it's hard to do, but it gets easier with practice.

You must be willing to let go of the anger. This cannot be overemphasized. Resisting or holding on to it, is like being stuck in your own trap.

Catch the anger as early as possible, since it's easier to let go of your negative feelings and thoughts before they have taken root.

Become aware of any signs of irritation, anger, hatred, ill-will and aversion in your body and mind. It could be feelings, thoughts or even your body language. As soon as you sense any anger, let it go. Again, awareness is the key to success.

Don't process thoughts that anger you, which is like playing with fire. Remember that negative thinking makes for negative emotions, and vice versa. The onset is subtle, but it won't take long until you are literally bathing in anger.

Best of luck!

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