It Takes So Little To Love And Hate

In this article we'll go beyond the obvious and explore the subtle mechanisms that trigger love and hate. Another way of phrasing it, is that we will examine how the mind reacts to positive and negative sense impressions or inputs.

I'm sure you have had many good and bad experiences of meeting people, strangers and friends alike. How do you respond to their positive and negative attitudes? Take a moment to think about it...

As you already know, we are emotionally reactive creatures. That means we are quick to like someone who likes us, and quick to dislike someone who doesn't like us. Furthermore, once we dislike or hate a person, it's highly unlikely that we will ever like or love that individual. In other words, she has been marked for life.

We also tend to generalize, so if you have a bad experience with a Swede, then all Swedes are bad, isn't that childish?

This is how the mind operates.

Liking and disliking could be called preferences. Your cultural conditioning and personality play important roles when it comes to what you love and hate or like and dislike. That is to say, many preferences are shared within a community, culture, religion and nation.

Ultimately, love is the highest or purest form of liking, while hate is the most refined form of disliking. What is more, it's much easier to hate than to love. Most of us are unable to accept that because it sounds so destructive; however, that is the nature of the human mind, which is filled to the brim with hatred and selfish drives.

On a brighter note, the mind can be purified through awareness and by doing what is good and right, in the form of meditation and moral practices.

What It Takes To Hate Or Dislike

Here are some examples of how little it takes to hate or dislike a person. Please keep in mind that it could be triggered by the person's background, appearance, attributes, actions, words, gestures, habits or merely a facial expression.

- Someone ignores you

- Is selfish

- Acts superior

- Is boastful

- Makes racist remarks

- Is rude and disrespectful

- Questions your lifestyle and beliefs

- Has a negative attitude

- Is irritable and angry

- Has a negative facial expression

- Makes unpleasant gestures

- Is a know-it-all

- Has a drinking problem

- Is an inconsiderate smoker

- Leaves the room or table when you arrive

- Is jealous

- Disagrees or misunderstands you

- Is stubborn

- Is unsympathetic

- Has a different sexual preference

- Has another religion

- Is not your ethnicity

- Is dishonest

- Uses foul language

- Is a slob

- Is physically unattractive

- Has physical disabilities

- Has bad teeth

- Has bad skin

- Is unhealthy

- Is overweight

- Is emotionally and mentally unstable

- Is unsuccessful or unemployed

- Doesn't smile back

- Plays annoying music

- Has a loud voice

- Is unhelpful

- Is irresponsible

- Is old

- Is short

- Is superficial

- Is materialistic

- Is eccentric

- Always tries to be funny

- Is not of your social class

- Doesn't share your interests

- Is not your nationality

- Is poor

- Is uneducated

- Has a low iq

What It Takes To Love Or Like

Here is a list of examples of how little it takes to love or like somebody. Please remember that it could be triggered by the person's background, appearance, qualities, actions, words, body language, habits or just a facial expression.

- Is famous and successful

- Is young and attractive

- Has a big personality

- Is highly intellectual

- Is well-educated

- Has a positive attitude

- Is warm and caring

- Is a good listener

- Has a similar personality

- Rejoices in your success

- Is friendly

- Is unselfish

- Is athletic

- Is well-dressed

- Is down to earth

- Has the same sexual preferences

- Is of the same religion

- Has the same ethnic background

- Shares your interests

- Is sympathetic

- Is well-spoken

- Is polite and respectful

- Is honest

- Is humble

- Has a nice smile

- Is tall

- Is reliable

- Is patient

- Is helpful

- Is from the same social class

- Is individualistic

- Is a fellow countryman

How To Love More And Hate Less

Since the mind is the forerunner of all actions, awareness of your feelings and thoughts is the key to catch negativity at an early stage. Meditation and mindfulness practices are effective tools to cultivate awareness of the present moment.

Further, your intentions truly define who you are. Either you have good intentions, which means you opt to do what is good and right, or you have bad intentions that serve your own interests. A moral practice naturally fosters good intentions.

With steadfast attention it's easier to become aware of your negative feelings and thoughts, such as hatred and dislike, while morality is the incentive to let go of them. Dwelling on these kind of mental states is bound to make you unhappy.

Strive to think, do and say what is good and right. That benefits you and everybody you meet. Also make an earnest effort to be friendly and patient. This is how straightforward it is to stimulate the flow of selflessness and love.

It's most helpful to be aware of every mental state, including love and liking. That way, you can refrain from clinging to any feelings and thoughts. Note that every form of clinging is a negative mental state that gives rise to unhappiness. It is true to say that awareness of your feelings and thoughts make for mental and emotional balance.

Finally, tolerance and respect for people from different sexual, cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds is essential for peace and harmony. Add to that overweight persons, eccentrics, seniors and physically disabled. By approaching everyone with an open mind, you will soon realize that we are fundamentally all the same.

Best of luck!

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