Review Of The Hoffman Process

The Hoffman Process is a 8-day residential workshop available in several countries. It is advertised as an effective approach to healing childhood issues, anxiety, depression, anger etc. In this review, you will learn about the workshop and discover its pros and cons.

The founder of the Hoffman Institute was called Bob Hoffman. From what I have heard, he was a psychic Jewish American who took great interest in helping people heal their mental and emotional problems.

The workshop started in 1967 and has been evolving ever since, due to the research carried out at the Hoffman Institute.

Discovering The Hoffman Process

I found out about the Hoffman Process in early 2000, while attending a channeling course in the UK. Since I had been depressed for about 13 years, the workshop really drew my attention.

I had been going to healers, learned reiki and practiced healing meditation for over a year. Healing the depression had become a top priority in my life. So, learning about the workshop opened up new doors and gave me hope.

The Hoffman Process is known to be really expensive. Anyhow, I contacted the Hoffman Institute and signed up for the next workshop, which would be held in Ireland.

There was an information evening about the Hoffman Process in London, to which I brought two friends. It was quite informative, and a number of individuals who had completed the workshop shared their personal experiences.

During the break, the free Hoffman event provided plenty of refreshments, which is a clever business approach.

I really hoped that the 8-day workshop would heal my depression. In hindsight, my expectations were rather unrealistic.

Pre Workshop Process

The Hoffman Process is most thorough, thus before attending the workshop I had to fill in a 35-page questionnaire and write two essays about my worst childhood experiences.

The questionnaire had a focus on me and my parents. Filling out the pre workshop materials and authoring the essays, triggered painful emotional and mental processes.

The idea is to start the healing process while still at home, and to give the teachers at the workshop as much information about you as just possible.

The Hoffman Process Workshop

I made my way to Ireland and checked in the day before the Hoffman Process started. The spiritual center that hosted the workshop was located in the beautiful Irish countryside.

The day the workshop commenced, I had to sign a few documents stating that I clearly understood the workshop was experimental in nature, and that it was offered without any guarantees whatsoever.

I won't go into detail about the workshop itself, since that would spoil the experience if you should choose to attend it. At any rate, let us take a look at the general workshop structure.

There were sixteen of us attending the workshop and four Hoffman teachers. Hence, the student to teacher ratio was 4 to 1. Keep in mind that your teacher has studied your pre workshop materials closely, which means she knows a lot about you, your parents and your mental and emotional status.

The Hoffman Process is a new age workshop, focusing on guided meditations, expressing anger, sharing and many other elaborate exercises. Overall, the workshop is well structured.

During the workshop you learn a lot about the other participants, as they share their struggles and painful life experiences. That makes for a safe environment that is charged with mental energy.

I cried a lot during the workshop. As you probably know, crying is naturally healing.

The Hoffman Institute strongly encourages the participants to recommend the workshop to family members and friends. As a result, it is chiefly promoted via word of mouth.

Post Workshop Process

The Hoffman Process included a post process on cassette tapes, that you do at home. There were also various get-togethers that offer support. I would like to point out that those were all reasonably priced.

A week after the workshop had ended there was an evening meetup in Dublin, which most workshop participants joined. It was great to see them again and to share your experiences with people who considered to take the plunge.

After the intensive workshop I was mentally and emotionally fragile, sore like an open wound. It took a month or two for it to normalize.

Really, how effective is the Hoffman Process? Let us take a look at the pros and cons.

The Pros Of The Hoffman Process

Much of the anger I had felt towards my parents was transformed during the workshop. As it were, I stopped blaming them for their shortcomings and mistakes.

Keep in mind that anger is an unpleasant mental state. Less anger, means a higher quality of life.

The workshop was a unique opportunity to express anger both physically and mentally. However, the Hoffman Process did not reduce general anger. In other word, I still get angry at times.

Years after the Hoffman Process, I still feel deeply-rooted anger and hatred towards my parents, yet less than before the workshop. To heal all of it would probably take a lifetime.

During the workshop all participants share their most painful experiences and struggles with the group, which makes it easier to talk about sensitive issues. The environment is most conducive to healing.

The pre workshop process was most effective.

The workshop was ingeniously planned with many elements of surprise.

The Hoffman Institute is not affiliated with any religion.

The Hoffman Process leads to increased self-awareness.

The support during and after the workshop was satisfactory.

The Cons Of The Hoffman Process

The workshop is overpriced.

You cannot overcome depression in 8 days. It takes years to heal painful emotions, and to change the habits of generating and holding on to negative feelings and thoughts.

I don't agree with the Hoffman philosophy, which is based on new age beliefs.

Some of the Hoffman teachers were not skillful. For example, one of the four teachers I had was emotionally reactive.

In conclusion, I recommend the Hoffman Process to anyone who battles with anger issues towards your parents or anyone else that has hurt you. Since there are more effective ways to heal unpleasant emotions, I do not recommend the workshop to those who suffer from anxiety or depression.

Here you can learn more about the Hoffman Process.

Best of luck!

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