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Most of the articles are inspiring, but there are also posts that will challenge your beliefs. Ultimately, it's about learning to value truth and reality...

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Recent articles image What Is A Mental State?
That is an interesting question. As you may have noticed, the term mental state is used in many articles on axel g. Why is that, do you think? How does it relate to personal development, meditation and spirituality? Let's explore what a mental state...

How To Become A Better Listener
Why is it that some individuals are good listeners, and others are not? In this article we will examine how feelings and thoughts affect our ability to listen. We will also look at the benefits of active listening, and the challenges you are likely to...

Living With Uncertainty
In this post we will explore the challenges of living with uncertainty and the best ways to deal with it. As you already know, uncertainty is a state of not knowing about the future, or the outcome of a situation. This naturally makes for stress...

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