Frustration In Spiritual Practice

What is it truly like to tread the spiritual path?

In this post we'll explore the most common types of frustration encountered in spiritual practice. We will also take a good look at the causes of frustration and how to overcome it.

But first, whenever you get overtaken by frustration, you stall. One could say that it prevents you from getting anything done in your spiritual practice. In other words, it is like a roadblock that brings you to a complete stop.

That said, frustration should be avoided at any cost.

The Causes Of Frustration In Spiritual Practice

What makes you frustrated?

What does it feel like to be frustrated?

If you spend hours pondering on your lack of talent and the thought that you may never become enlightened, it results is a negative mental state, which translates into unpleasant feelings and thoughts.

Oftentimes, frustration is a mix of confusion, disappointment, irritation or anger and a willingness to give up.

Do you see how frustration seriously can interfere with your spiritual practice?

When something is confusing or difficult to understand, it often fuels frustration. Spirituality can be most abstract and challenging to grasp, especially in the beginning.

Another cause of frustration is when we fail to be honest, generous and kind. Morality is a cornerstone in spiritual practice and it's really frustrating when you get stuck in old habits, as opposed to being aware of what you think, say and do.

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How about becoming frustrated about not making as speedy progress in your meditation practice as your friends.

Other areas where a lack of progress can cause frustration include overcoming anxiety, depression and anguish. It is very common that people take an interest in meditation and spirituality for emotional and mental healing. It does work, meditation purifies the mind, step by step. That is my personal experience.

Doubt makes for plenty of frustration. How do you get rid of doubt? Take a moment to think about it...

How To Overcome Frustration In Spiritual Practice

By having a spiritual teacher, frustration can be minimized. She can answer your questions and offer you the appropriate guidance.

When it comes to the moral practice, be really patient with yourself. Every time you make a mistake, wholeheartedly forgive yourself. Accept that you are still in training. Really wanting to become a better person and to be aware of everything you think, say and do, will speed up the transformation.

Don't compare yourself to others, progress comes your way when you are ready for it. The spiritual worlds are perfectly fair, once you have developed sufficiently, the progress manifests.

Progress greatly reduces doubt. The more progress you make on the spiritual path, the less doubt you have to face. Do you doubt that spiritual beings really exist? I certainly did until my first encounter with them. This is the nature of the doubting mind.

It is vital to cultivate endurance and stamina. Establish a regular meditation practice, even if it's only 5 minutes a day. Stick to it, no matter what. The endurance builds up a momentum that keeps you moving forward.

What is more, you can overcome laziness by cultivating a willingness to make effort. No effort, no progress. As you already know, our lazy nature opposes the willingness to make effort. It is simple, the mind resists having to make effort.

We want everything in life to be effortless, press a button and you're done!

It is wholesome to have goals and dreams. However, put them aside while you meditate and focus on your practice.

The benefits of keeping frustration at bay in your spiritual practice are immense. The key is to be willing to make effort for as long as you live. In short, cultivate endurance.

Keep in mind, that the willingness to make effort and the cultivation of endurance are wonderful qualities that will enrich your everyday life as well.

Best of luck!

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